“Really fun”: Osnabrück Book and Reading Week 2022 invites children to browse

(from left) Jens Peters, Lisa Runde, Hilal Görmez, Katrin Schmidt, Thomas Beiermann and Andrea Hein look forward to the action-packed program. / Photo: Schweer

“Really fun”: This is the motto under which Osnabrück Stadsbibliotek and Litteraturkontoret Vest Niedersachsen for the 15th time organize Osnabrück Bog- og Læseuger in collaboration with numerous city centers, Haus der Jugend and Museum am Schölerberg. Children up to the age of eleven are invited to 21 readings, shows and activities from 14 June to 24 June to get to know literature and language in a humorous way and immerse themselves in the world of books.

“We chose the motto ‘Really fun’ because the kids had to go without a lot because of homeschooling and the corona pandemic.” Catherine Schmidt from the city library. “We want to give children good experiences with books.” Therefore, the diverse program opens directly with a special point on the program: The stage show “Fabulara – The Children’s Music Show” stages the story of Yogi and two unusual mythical creatures and combines the elements of acting and literature.

Readings by the authors liven up the program

On several days, children’s book authors read their works in different places and involve the audience in the reading. writers like Martin Muser and Ute Krause personally read their works “Kannawoniwasein!” and “The Muscular Animals – Hamster Bertram Goes to School”. The selection of books for this year’s book and reading week has been chosen in such a way that the history of literature can be conveyed in a child – friendly and humorous way. Andrea Hein from Museum am Schölerberg. Lisa round from the town hall Ziegenbrink adds that the books are suitable for all age groups, as older children can also identify with the main themes.

There is something for everyone in the selection of books for this year's Osnabrück Book and Reading Week.  / Photo: Schweer
There is something for everyone in the selection of books for this year’s Osnabrück Book and Reading Week. / Photo: Schweer

Bookworms and novice readers can immerse themselves in the stories

The special thing about the program items is that the formats are not only lively, but also represent aesthetic experiences for the young listeners. Jens Peters from the West Lower Saxony Literature Office. “We have had positive experiences with these readings. Children can just dive there for three quarters of an hour, ”he says Thomas Beierman from the youth center Westwerk. Peters goes on to say about the special characteristics of the book and the reading weeks: “Children are picked up from the places where they live and where a relationship of trust already exists. This year’s offer covers a wide range of children with different reading and literature skills. ”

It crawls and escapes: “Superwurm” shows what is going on in earthly life

In addition to closed school events, the varied program also includes open offers. A highlight is z. B. the reading from Ssuperorm from Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson The outdoor activity with the “grasshopper mobile” will be an educational experience, where the children can explore the earth life around the museum at Schölerberg. According to Hein, this experience is a beautiful arch between nature and the book.

Meeting between young and old: reading together after the corona pandemic

Fourth grade in Eversburg Elementary School and SBB Seniorenzentrum Eversburg use the time after long isolation due to the corona pandemic for a joint reading. “An event like this manages to bring young and old into communication,” says Beiermann. In collaboration with the youth center Westwerk, the reading of “The day grandmother broke the internet” was canceled Marc Uwe Klingspace created to bring two generations back together.

High attendance for the multilingual reading

The Portuguese Consul General Vasco Seruya sitting this year listening to the multilingual reading of Daniel Napps “Dr. Brumm is stuck.” -oneuf DGerman, NDutch, EEnglish, fFrench, PPortuguese, TTurkish and Rheld in Russian. “For us, it’s a special event with a high turnout,” says Kathrin Schmidt.

More information about the program points can be found on the City Library’s website.

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