“Ears open” reading festival for children starts

Offered by Niederrheinisches Kulturhaus and Krefeld Mediothek
The first reading festival for children after Corona

“Ears open” were missing. From Monday 13 June, classes and individual children can once again experience literature and authors live at the festival of the Niederrheinisches Literaturhaus and Krefeld Mediothek.

Getting someone to read to you is one of the most intimate memories of childhood. In the Niederrheinisches Literaturhaus, children can listen to writers read their own texts at the festival “Ohren auf Klappe”.

The arms are spread out, the eyes are closed, the cheeks blushing with joy, the mouth twisted to a smile and the oversized ears pointed. The drawing by Krefeld illustrator Horst Klein shows a girl flying through a sky full of letters and printed on the poster for this year’s “Ears Opened” reading festival. This girl symbolizes a feeling that Thomas Hoeps is currently experiencing as the director of the Niederrheinisches Literaturhaus.

“Two years of pandemic have denied our children many experiences, but now freedom is slowly returning,” he says. “The younger generation is thirsty for new experiences. And we are happy that it is now possible to experience literature live again. ”

From Saturday 11 June to Wednesday 15 June, the Niederrheinisches Literaturhaus and Krefeld Mediothek invite children and school classes to the 20th “Ear Opened!” Reading festival, which this year has the motto “Special Design”.

“When we look at children’s books, the pictures alone tell a story,” says media library manager Evelyn Buchholtz. “It sets them apart from adult literature and makes them exceptional. This year, everything for us revolves around these special, creative elements. ”

For this purpose, library educators Katja Wiefel and Marlene Jäger from the Niederrheinisches Literaturhaus invited authors to Krefeld, who also illustrated. For it is not just about listening, but about immersing oneself in the story together.

In the morning there are offers for school classes in the media library, in the afternoon the literature house on Gutenbergstraße is open to all children. Participation is free, registration required.

For school classes the program starts on June 13, 14 and 15 at 10 am in the Mediothek am Theaterplatz. Teachers can register by sending an e-mail to kinder.mediothek@krefeld.de stating the school, the class teacher’s name and class.

Monday, June 13th The reading festival begins with school classes from five and six grade levels and the illustrator and author Yi Meng Wu, who graduated from the Marienschule in Krefeld and now lives in Berlin. She brings her book “Yaotao’s Mark”.

Tuesday, June 14 at “Father and son – witch class” takes place for class one and two. The award-winning comic book author Ulf K. comes to the media center and, together with the students, brings the pages to life with charm, wit and empathy based on the German comic book classic.

The education closes for school classes in three and four grade levels Wednesday, June 15 at with the Hamburg artist Torben Kuhlmann and his book “Lindbergh”. The Museum Adventures is among the most popular books in German children’s rooms.

Also that afternoon program in the House of Literature is broadly based. Christina Bacher is loading on June 13th at 4 pm, children between the ages of six and 13 are invited to a writing and design rally under the motto “summer breeze”. At several stations in the house, participants will develop texts and collages on the topic of “summer”.

For children between ten and 13 years on June 14th 16.00 a digital photo cartoon workshop with the children and

youth book author Andrea Rings. Participants use iPads to develop their own digital short cartoon.

Torben Kuhlmann reads on June 15th from kl. be made of cheese.

Registrations for the free afternoon offers are necessary and must be sent by e-mail to literaturhaus@krefeld.de

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