Snow foam for the car: application

A foam for prewash: Snow Foam for cars promises easy application with great results – without damaging the paint. This is how the cleaner works, and these are the best foams.

Anyone who often parks under trees and has to contend with stubborn resin or bird droppings, or who often drives long distances off the highway and collects insects in front of the vehicle, will be happy for quick and easy cleaning. Snow Foam for the car – alternatively spelled Snowfoam – would like to offer just that and more. The vehicle is simply sprayed with foam before washing. After a short exposure time, the foam can be washed off. The result: A shiny clean car without much effort and at the same time gentle on the paint! We explain how Snow Foam works and compare the best cleaning products.

What is snow foam?

Snow Foam is a car cleaner. Most products are concentrates that are mixed with water. Some manufacturers also offer ready-to-use blends. The name should be taken literally: Snow Foam, in English “snow foam”, forms an opaque, long-lasting foam that visually resembles a snow cover. To create the nice, firm foam, you either need a so-called foamer or foam sprayer. The detergent is applied before the car is washed and gently dissolves dirt, insects or resin. The detergent can then be rinsed off with clean water. The car shines again like the first day.


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Summary: The best snow foams

The range of foam is now huge. However, they have one thing in common: If you want foam, you need to build a pressure. This is only possible with foam launchers or hand-operated pumps. Some concentrates are therefore also available as a hybrid cleanser and can also be used as a shampoo for hand washing – without any disadvantages such as snow foam.

Koch Chemie Gentle Snow Foam

The Gentle Snow Foam from Koch Chemie comes as a concentrate in a 1000 milliliter bottle. The cleanser can be applied as a solid foam with hand foam or a foam lance and rinsed off after a few minutes. As a pH-neutral foam, Snow Foam does not attack varnish or plastic.

Sonax Profiline ActiFoam Energy

Sonax ActiFoam promises a lot of cleaning performance for the money. After all, a liter bottle of concentrate should be enough for about 50 car washes! The pH-neutral detergent is suitable for all types of paint and also wrapped cars.

ValetPRO pH-neutral snow foam

ValetPro’s Snow Foam is also pH neutral. The concentrate comes in a six-liter can, making it perfect for car owners who wash their vehicle frequently. 15 to 60 milliliters per. liters of washing water is enough to create a solid foam.

Licargo Premium pH-neutral snow foam

The pH-neutral Snow Foam from Licargo promises to be able to remove stubborn dirt without difficulty and without attacking the paint. Although the cleaning concentrate only comes in a 750 milliliter bottle, it should only be mixed in a ratio of 1:50.

Shiny Garage Snow Foam 1000ml

The Shiny Garage Snow Foam comes in white, blue or pink. Regardless of the foam color, the detergent provides a pH-neutral wash that does not damage the paint or even a layer of car wax. About 200 to 250 milliliters is enough for one wash.

Sonax XTREME RichFoam Shampoo

With Xtreme RichFoam Shampoo, Sonax offers a hybrid solution: The cleanser is suitable as a foam for foam lances and foam sprayers and as a shampoo for hand washing. Sonax offers the berry-scented concentrate in the sizes one liter and five liters.

Gloria Top Foam Car Shampoo

Gloria also offers a 2-in-1 cleaner with Top Foam. The concentrate can be used both as snow foam and as car shampoo. In addition, Gloria delivers a 50 milliliter measuring cup for the optimal dosage.

How is Snow Form used?

The application of the foam is quite simple, you only need the right tools. The biggest advantage: No preparation is required on the car itself! The foam is already prewashed. But before the snow foam can loosen dirt and dust, the detergent must be diluted with water in the right ratio. A few milliliters of the concentrate is often sufficient for an entire car wash. The foam is formed when the solution is sprayed on the car by pressure. Here are two solutions: Manual foam sprayers like Gloria Foamer, which builds up the necessary pressure with a hand pump, or foam launchers (also called foam guns), such as Allomn Snow Foam Lance. The latter is an option if you already have a high-pressure cleaner in your garage at home. The nozzle can also be attached to a garden hose, but the pressure may not be sufficient to produce a solid foam. After a short exposure time, the foam can simply be rinsed off with clean water.

How long should Snow Foam work?

The foam needs some time to “work”, but should not sit too long on the car. As a rule, about five minutes is enough to loosen even stubborn dirt. The foam can then be rinsed off with clean water. If you want, you can of course clean the car even more thoroughly afterwards to take full advantage of the effect of the foam prewash. However, the foam should not sit on the paint for too long. Otherwise, there is a risk that the Snow Foam will dry up and leave stains instead of a clean finish. Therefore, the following also applies: Do not apply the foam in the scorching sun! The heated body can quickly dry the detergent.


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What does Snow Foam bring?

Anyone who appreciates a wash that is particularly gentle on the paint is recommended to use Snow Foam. Most detergents have a pH of seven and are therefore neutral and do not attack the paintwork of the vehicle. The foam can also be used on plastic and glass. In addition, the foam also ensures that dirt particles are easily removed from the lacquer surface without high pressure. This protects against the smallest scratches that can be caused by grains of sand in the high-pressure jet if the distance is too small. The neutral concentrates are also suitable for cleaning cars that have previously been waxed. Due to the gentle process, the car wax layer usually remains intact.


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What is the difference with car shampoo?

Both means are pretty similar – so some manufacturers also write both on the label. Both snow foam and car shampoos are suitable for a gentle car wash. However, the two are very different depending on the application. The foam is sprayed on the vehicle as a strong and long-lasting foam and then rinsed off with clean water. Auto Shampoo, on the other hand, is applied as a thinner concentrate. Instead of rinsing off, the shampoo is usually wiped off with a microfiber cloth.

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