Sand artists conjure up figures in Wolfsburg Designer Outlets

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Sand artists conjure up figures in Wolfsburg Designer Outlets

Updated: 09/06/2022, 16:00

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Sandcastle builder Benno Lindel explains: “This is not beach sand, but especially sand.”

Photo: Michael Uhmeyer / regios24

The artists explain how sand castle builders work. For customers there are sandy areas with sun loungers and awnings.

Hanneke Supply pulls fine cracks in the sand with a spatula. Then examine them
41-year-old satisfied with his work. “I think you can see that it’s one flamingo in a swimming ring, ”says the builder from Rotterdam. For five days she has been with Benno Lindel from sand by two sand castles on the ground in Wolfsburg designer shops build. Customers can now find them anywhere in the center Sandy areas with sun loungers and awnings that invite you to linger and look at the sculptures.

The sand must first be compacted

The first day was about compression, the so-called compact. To do this, the duo shoveled the sand into a kind of box, poured water over it and then mixed it together using concrete punchers and a lot of muscle power. compressed.

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The process lasted eight hours. “We compressed the sand so much that the contents of the box lost about a third of its volume,” explains Benno Lindel. This process makes the sand “so hard that you can wonderfully cut whole pieces out of it without the whole construction collapsing”.

Incidentally suitable for such sand sculptures not any kind of sand. To give it all enough support, they need it sand grains be as unpolished and angular as possible. Benno Lindel: “It is not beach sand here, it is especially sand. ” After compaction, the box and the so-called carving, as this art is also called, begins. The two worked from top to bottom, starting with the roofs of the fantasy castle.

“You must have an artistic streak”

“You have to be able to think in perspective and one artistic line has, ”the Dutch woman is sure. When you calculate, the numbers come from murske and the spatula over it hobby knife Everything that seems useful is used, from the brush to the brush, the tablespoon and the straw. The sand artist even built one of his favorite devices from an iron ring and a wooden stick. “When I enter a store, I first scan the goods for usability tools for my work, ”reveals Hanneke Supply. So she also has her beloved Cake dough scraper discovered, which she primarily uses to make surfaces look very smoothie, i.e. smooth and supple.

Because people can get very close to the sculptures in the shops, the team worked very precisely. Rain and even hail can no longer damage the works of art – only “when wind from the side mixed with rain whips into the figures, then it becomes dangerous”. But then she sees Forecast yes not enough so the sculptures can be admired in DOW the next few weeks. Today, Lindel and Supply have moved on again, namely to Ritter-Rost-Magic-Park Verden, where they will make Hans and Gretel’s little witch house out of sand.

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