Dahab: A crypto platform for Muslims launches DEX and token sales

Cryptocurrencies are banned in the Muslim world. Crypto-trading has been equated with gambling and tokens with risky assets. According to the rules of the Qur’an, both are forbidden in Islam.

But the diversity of digital technologies proves that cryptocurrencies can be socially acceptable in Islam. Every day, new spiritual leaders in Islam are embracing crypto technologies. Great opportunities for Arab investment are emerging and new Arab crypto projects are emerging in the Islamic market.

Dahab: A Sharia-compatible crypto platform

Dahab Alealam – which means “gold of the whole world” in Arabic – is the leading platform for modern financial solutions based on the principles of Islamic law and sharia.

The development of the Muslim crypto project took more than two years. In collaboration with Muslim scholars, the developers of Dahab refined every detail of the project so that it is fully in accordance with Islamic law and does not violate Sharia law. This makes Dahab a gem for all modern Muslims around the world as even Bitcoin is still banned in some Muslim countries.

Dahab’s digital ecosystem offers unique digital products that will not only benefit Muslims. Dahab is emerging as an effective medium for traditional financial services and crypto technologies.

DAHAB Swap: The first DeFi exchange for Muslims

DahabSwap is the world’s first DeFi exchange to trade cryptocurrencies that comply with all Islamic laws.

The exchange gives millions of Muslims interested in cryptocurrencies the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Users do not have to spend time checking if these assets are haram or halal. DahabSwap moderators thoroughly examine and review each cryptoactive before listing it.

The selection of list candidates goes through several stages. This is to exclude that the respective crypto project is this haram: The criteria for the selection process include: Riba (unreasonable interest rates), Harrar (uncertainty), Maysir (signs of gambling and assets associated with sins (involvement in pornography, intentional) harm, fraud and speculation).

A positive side effect of the strict selection of crypto projects is greater investor confidence. As practice shows, by investing in fully halal-compatible projects, one has a better chance of making money even in an unstable global market. DahabSwap will be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

DahabApp: The main product of the crypto platform

The main product of the project is the DAHAB app system, a mobile app that allows you to take advantage of crypto in your daily life.

The app is like a digital financial avatar that you can use to manage your finances and investments. You can even use the app to connect and pay for various providers of digital products and services such as YouTube Music, Netflix, Uber, Amazon. You can use all these features, along with the in-project products such as DahabSwap, in the DAHAB app.

The first version of the app is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2023.

Crypto wallet: An image from BeInCrypto.com

The DHB token and the DAHAB ecosystem

The Dahab ecosystem needs hassle-free maintenance, accounting and integration with next-generation digital economy. DHB token smart contract technology, designed solely to support and manage Dahab Alealam’s unique products, helps address these challenges.

The DHB token on DahabSwap plays a crucial role in trading the available cryptocurrencies. For example, if a trader wants to exchange BUSD tokens for SOL, he can only pay the fee for this transaction in DHB tokens.

In this way, users ensure that Dahab’s DEX provider and related products work fully and smoothly.

Each time a user trades on DAHAB DEX, he pays 0.2% commission, of which 0.14% as a reward to the liquidity provider. The second way in which DHB holders can make additional profits is through effort. This allows users to earn up to 100% extra APR.

The DHB token is also a maintenance token for DahabApp. With the available crypto tools, you can make payments to well-known services like Netflix or Spotify, convert cryptocurrencies to fiat, make international transactions and generate additional revenue with a DAHAB investment.

To ensure smooth operation and optimal development, the company wants to introduce commissions and subscriptions paid through fees. Users can then pay for these in the form of DHB tokens.

Dahab Token Sale: All crypto investors are invited

Out of the maximum total of 19 billion DHB tokens, the developers allocated 1.33 billion (about 7%) for the open sales round. The first part of DHB TokenSale is already running on the official website dahabalealam.com.

Now any interested crypto investor can choose the most profitable buying option for him.

Dahab Token Sale: The first option

The first option is more profitable for investors in terms of price – a DHB is priced at $ 0.0006.

This option can also be more convenient for most Dahab members, as it is a fully automated exchange system: you just need to link your wallet to the official website and then exchange BUSD or USDT for DHB tokens. The minimum purchase amount is $ 100.

Tokens will be activated for the first opportunity from November 5, 2022. You will receive tokens immediately after payment, but undertake to wager them for at least 6 months. You then have the option to pull tokens out of the pool and use them to manage your purchased cryptocurrencies on the DHB platform.

Dahab Token Sale: The Second Option

The second option may seem more attractive to many participants. This sends DHB tokens directly to your wallet without you having to lock them.

With the second option, it is sufficient to perform a transaction with one of the offered DAHAB addresses. All you have to do is enter your BEP20 address to receive DHB tokens.

However, the price is significantly higher and is 0.0012 US dollars. The minimum purchase amount is also $ 500.

The second option, however, gives you earlier access to the bet pool, which offers an APR of up to 100%. You can use the second option on the official website or with the official Telegram support bot.

You can find more information about the DAHAB project here: Telegram | Twitter


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