Crypto DEX ApolloX ensures start-up financing


The most important findings:

– ApolloX DEX has secured a strategic investment to drive further expansion and shape Web3 trading
Investors who participated in the seed funding round include Binance Labs, Kronos Research and 5 others
– ApolloX wants to build new product lines in its ecosystem and move to DAO autonomy

ApolloX (, one of the top 10 decentralized exchanges (DEX) on CoinMarketCap in June 2022, announced today that it has secured undisclosed seed funding from investors, including Binance Labs and Kronos Research have secured.

Other investors who participated in the round include Lingfeng Capital, SafePal, TokenPocket, 3Commas and LUX Capital.

The strategic funding will help ApolloX expand its current product and build new product lines across the ecosystem – including spot trading, predict-to-earn and DEX-as-a-Service. Since its launch in September 2021, ApolloX has continued to experience rapid growth, with a cumulative trading volume of $ 158.87 billion in May 2022.

“Decentralized finance is increasingly displacing the market share of centralized finance. Protocols are rapidly renewing in this highly competitive area as users demand more control, value and accessibility. We are pleased that our investors are supporting our contribution to this development towards decentralization and Web3 recognizes , “said ApolloX captain, founder of ApolloX.

ApolloX offers an easily accessible but sophisticated decentralized trading solution. The team’s understanding and passion for the industry drives ApolloX to develop features that will transform the experience for everyone involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

ApolloX 2.0 and DAO autopilot

In April 2022, the platform announced its forward-looking plan to realize its vision of Web3: ApolloX 2.0 (, a 5.75 billion APX token burning and transition to self-government by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

The DAO structure will help promote the adoption of decentralized cryptocurrencies and user-centric blockchain technology globally. ApolloX DAO will use industry standard solutions to implement decentralized management and enable transparent and reliable decision-making in the community for platform development.

ApolloX believes that the future of DAO will help eliminate centralized management and enable the next generation of protocols to take blockchain innovation to greater heights. This will bring new markets and opportunities for the industry.

In the coming year, ApolloX will implement its roadmap and continuously improve the degree of decentralization. The company will also continue to expand its strong partner network with platforms and companies such as CoinMarketCap, PancakeSwap and Banxa Holdings.

Information about ApolloX

ApolloX is one of the leading decentralized crypto exchanges. Founded in 2021, ApolloX’s mission is to make crypto accessible not only to professional resellers, but to everyone. In 2022, ApolloX announced their plan to move to a DAO governance model.

The ApolloX ecosystem is growing rapidly and includes, among other things, the integrated DeFi wallet and ApolloX NFTs. APX is ApolloX’s utility token that can be purchased as trade rewards and used to manage ApolloX.

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