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Nail Trends 2022: How to Optically Extend Your Nails

Especially those who have very wide nails or those whose nails constantly break off before they grow often want to make their nails optically longer. The good thing about it: It works! You just need a few tricks. You can find the 3 most important here:

  • Choose bold colors: For the nail to look longer, it must shine or stand out – in rich, light, darker, strong colors. Transparent varnishes or very bright rosé tones are not the best choice here. You can read below which colors are absolutely trending in 2022.
  • Go for contouring: The best trick to make your nails look longer is “contouring”. The nails can also be optically modeled with the well-known make-up technique. To make the nails look narrower and longer through contouring, first apply a base coat on the nails. Then comes the actual nail polish color, which – and this is important – is not painted on the nail all the way to the edge, but such that there is one to two millimeters free on each side. Of course, you can also apply another color between the primer and the paint. It is only important that this is significantly lighter than the main color so that the edges can be clearly seen at the end.
  • Paint longitudinal stripes: The trick of creating a nail design in vertical stripes is a little more complex and more suitable for stable hands. This creates a huge visual stretch. It is up to you which colors you choose. Just make sure they stand out so that the stripes are clearly visible.

Do you want to lengthen your nails or make them look shorter? Then you should get to know our hacks. © MASK

Nail Trends 2022: These colors make your nails look longer

If you want to make your nails an eye-catcher in 2022, choose bright, rich colors. The advantage is that they are also good at creating more length. Not only the classic red tones need to be applied. Colors such as navy blue, burgundy, black, emerald green, mocha and coffee tones or this year’s Pantone color 2022 Very Peri are also top choices! And who would have thought: Although white and nude are bright colors, the opaque version is ideal for making short fingernails look longer. The most important thing is that you think about contours and vertical stripes when you apply. But what you can do to distract from wide, short fingernails is to paint the nails in rainbow colors or spectral colors. It meant nothing more than that each nail gets a different color. Stick to a harmonious color gradient – for example from red to orange to yellow, green to blue and violet – or to beautiful pastel colors that go well together. The length of the nails takes a back seat.

Red nailpolish

Classic manicure in a rich red shade – you can read here what colors you should not be missing in your nail polish this summer. © Galina Kiseleva

What nail shape makes the nails look longer?

If you want visually narrower nails, you should stick to an oval nail shape. Especially with wide fingernails, it helps optically to give more length. If you have a little more nail overhang, you can also file your fingernails into a pointed-oval shape (the nail shape is called “almond”). This stretches the nail visually.

  • push the cuticles back: Another trick to make your nails look longer is to push the cuticles back and trim them. If you do not know how to do it, it is best to have it done in a nail salon. It is important to work very gently. The fingers must first be soaked in a water bath to soften the skin. The cuticle is then gently pushed back with a nail pusher and shortened if necessary with special nail clippers.
Summer nail polish and care

Summer fresh with a beautiful manicure! In the beauty article, we tell you tips and hacks for any nail shape. © AbElena

With these nail designs, your nails will be shortened

Unfortunately, anything that makes the nail look wider is not suitable if you want longer nails. These include nail trends like French manicure, horizontal stripes or an elaborate nail design with filigree pattern.

french nails

From French nails to graphic horizontal stripes like eye-catching nail polish – here you will find ideas for nail designs that make your nails look wider. © YAY Photos

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