Kevin Boateng is getting married in Metaverset and handing out NFT invitations

Getting married in Metaverset? After the first Metaverse weddings took place in 2021, a football star from Germany is joining the new trend.

Bundesliga football star Kevin Prince Boateng is celebrating his wedding to his fiancée Valentina Fradegrada on Saturday, June 11, 2022. The German-Afghan football player and model is getting married in both the real world and the meta-verse. This allows several fans to interactively attend the wedding of the football player from Germany and experience the most beautiful moments live.

The Italian wedding company Enzo Miccio organizes the celebration, while OVR (“Over the Reality”) provides the platform for the Metaverse event. The wedding invitations are issued in the form of an NFT collection.

The first marriage in the Ethereum-based OVR metaverse is a non-religious marriage. The metaverse location is specially designed for the wedding and should take place in a virtual space. The actual place where the couple is to get married is not known at the time of writing.

The reasons for the virtual marriage

After the former Barcelona player proposed to Fradegrada at an Italian hotel in December 2021, the couple decided to share the wedding live online. Kevin Boateng’s fiancé is working on a project in the OVR meta-verse and can also advertise the project at the same time as the wedding:

“Among all these activities” – says the upcoming bride in an interview with Vanity Fair – “I also have a very large project in the meta version of OVR, the platform that I think is the most suitable to host events. So I thought it would be nice, modern and interesting to share your wedding day online. We are preparing a limited NFT collection that will allow exclusive access. “

The NFT collection will soon be available exclusively at the popular OpenSea marketplace.

The Hertha footballer, on the other hand, explained that he wanted to give his wife a unique gift: “I wanted to do something special for Valentina, something no one has done before.[…] and thanks to Over we can celebrate our love, as no one has done before, in a place in space. “

Metaverse: An image from

OVER is a global, open source AR platform based on Ethereum blockchain and Polygon. Metaverse and the NFT platform aim to merge the real world with virtual reality

Above allows users who have a mobile device or smart glasses to experience interactive augmented reality experiences in the real world with their own Metaveres avatar. Above follows a decentralized approach.

In addition, Over offers so-called NFT countries, where owners can develop new virtual worlds and play-to-earn games. OVER has divided the world into 300 m2 of hexagonal spatial areas that are mapped 1: 1 to actual geographical locations. As with web domains, owning OVRLands (based on NFT standards) gives control over AR experiences in the defined geographic location. With the land scanning function, the virtual and the real reality can be combined to within a few centimeters. While a person can be located within a range of 6 meters with GPS tracking, the movements of OVR users can be tracked with an accuracy of up to 20 cm.

In addition, Over has its own decentralized marketplace, its own decentralized ecosystem and its own tool token, the OVR token. This is based on the ERC-20 standard and also acts as a governance token. Token holders can bet them for an annual return.


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