Apple WWDC 2022: iOS 16, lock screen update and MacBook Air with new design

Apple WWDC 2022: After more than two years, Apple CEO Tim Cook was finally able to personally welcome a limited group of developers and students to Apple Park in Cupertino, California on June 6, 2022. The rest of the world hung on to every word he said online at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. New this year: MacBook Air with a new look, MacBook Pro with more power and M2 chip (18 percent faster and with 25 percent more graphics power), MacOS “Ventura”, iOS 16 (iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and the first SE get not iOS 16) and more.

New MacBook Air: 11.3 mm thin, 1.2 kg heavy

The new MacBook Air with the current M2 chip surprises with a new style and offers 20% less mass for 20% more performance. There are four new colors, a MagSafe again, a headphone jack, 2 USB-C ports, no active fans and a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display with thinner frames. Also new: a charger with two USB-C ports. Price: 1,499 euros.

MacOS “Ventura”: updates for even more multitasking

Multitasking has just become easier with Stage Manager. Open windows are arranged to the side of the screen, giving a better overview. Tabs can be overlapped arranged as groups. There is an update to “Spotlight”, and the mail app also offers news such as a mail return function shortly after sending and a revision of the search function. Another highlight: “Continuity” for video calls. In the future, the iPhone can be used as a webcam for Mac – including studio lights and desktop views. (Also read: Apple – controversial feature now coming to Europe)

iPhone lock screen recreated

We have been waiting for this news for a long time: the iPhone lock screen can now be used more efficiently and designed more individually. Be it in terms of background, color scheme, structure, style and widget organization. If you can not or will not decide, you can create more lock screens and widget groups in the settings and change them according to your mood. Thanks to the new update, the blocking messages no longer cover the entire screen, but are sorted clearly in the lower area. With the “Live Activities” feature, interactive information such as sports scores or your own music control can be displayed without having to activate the iPhone. The focus mode, introduced last year, is extended to the lock screen with iOS 16, so that each lock screen can be linked to specific focus areas such as “work” or “leisure”. A feature that, according to Apple, should help to “draw boundaries” and keep the individual areas of life “in balance”. (Also read: Apps “made in Germany” – 5 success stories from the Apple App Store)

In addition to the M2 chip, the new Mac Book-Air surprises with a new style and offers 20% less mass for 20% more performance.


iOS 16 with 3 new features for Messaging

With the new iOS 16, Apple provides three new, relevant features to the news app: On the one hand, the app will allow sent messages to be edited later, so that incorrect information or embarrassing typos can be corrected quickly. Thanks to the update, a message that has already been sent can also be withdrawn. The third function makes it possible to mark already received messages as unread. (Also interesting: Apple patent announces MacBook without buttons and keyboard)

Other innovations for SharePlay, LiveText, Dictation and Safari

Apple also adds “Shareplay” and lets the app move into Messages, among other things. Do you watch a movie together and discuss it at the same time? No more problems in the future! The “LiveText” feature has been expanded to include video content. Also new is the ability to seamlessly switch between text input and voice input when writing messages. The feature, as Apple says, is used 18 billion times a month, also automatically takes care of punctuation and integrates seamlessly with Siri. Also exciting: the new iOS 16 feature, which allows objects to be copied directly from photos and videos and placed in messages.

Tab groups (for both iOS 16 and macOS Ventura) can now be created in Safari to share website collections with friends or family. Thanks to the “passkey” feature, the app should also be more secure. (Also read: Apple – is this what the iPhone 14 Pro looks like?)

Wallet update: key, ID card and press to pay function

With the “Pay later with Apple Pay” feature, users will be able to pay for their purchases in four installments over 6 weeks with no interest or fees. So far, however, the service is only available in the United States. Thanks to the “Apple Pay Order Tracking” feature, orders can be easily kept track of afterwards, and detailed receipts and information can be collected. Keys and ID cards also get an update and – according to Apple – without sacrificing data protection. Users can use their ID card in the wallet for apps where only the data required for the transaction is provided instead of specific details such as date of birth. House, hotel, office and car keys in the wallet can be securely shared via messaging apps such as messages, mail in the future. With iOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura, the map app has new exciting features. Up to 15 stops can be viewed in advance, public transport updates, tickets and fees can be viewed and added without leaving the app. (Read more: iPhone 14 should finally get this mega feature)

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