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Apple announced the winners of the 2022 Apple Design Awards last night. After we recently made you aware of the finalists, it is now clear who will take home the prestigious awards.

Apple Design Awards 2022: The winners have been announced

12 developers from around the world have been recognized for outstanding design in the categories of inclusion, fun and enjoyment, interaction, social impact, visual and graphic design and innovation at WWDC22. We have selected developers from all over the world who have inspired users with their vision, goals and brilliance with their innovative, creative and impressively designed app experiences.


Winners in this category provide a great experience for everyone by supporting people with different backgrounds, skills and languages.

App: Form

Development team: Savage Interactive (Australia)

Procreate, a leading tool for artists and designers, opens up more creative opportunities for people than ever before with its iPad app. New features such as tremor and motion filtering, an integrated AssistiveTouch menu, audio feedback and color blindness settings expand existing accessibility features such as VoiceOver support or dynamic text. So even more artists can be creative, interact and express themselves with the app.

Game: Wild flowers

Development team: Studio Tørdok (Australia)

Apple Arcade Original Wild Flowers has a refreshingly diverse story with characters from the LGBTQIA + community delighting in their magic of witchcraft. In a world of magical realms, all ages, cultures and sexual orientations are represented. Players deal with identity, accept others and support their community. So a much bigger story is being told.

fun and enjoyment

Winners in this category deliver memorable, engaging, and satisfying experiences enhanced by Apple technologies.

App: (Not boring) Habits

Development team: Andy Works LLC (USA)

As the imaginative name suggests, (not boring) habits are a fun way to track your habits. With sensational designs, playful haptics and elegant gamification, this life hack adventure invites you on an inspiring journey through forests and mountain landscapes – and transforms habit tracking into an artistic experience.

Game: Overboard!

Development team: incl (UK)

Overboard! Overboard! is a crime story with a twist: the players committed the murder. And then this wonderfully cunning murder mystery game on the high seas is not about solving a crime as a detective, but about blaming others on the passenger ship for the murder through clever conversations. With its exciting narrative design, witty dialogue and multiple endings, it has high replay value.


The winners in this category offer intuitive interfaces and very simple controls perfectly tailored to the platform.

App: slopes

Development team: Breakpoint Studio (USA)

Slopes, a hassle-free ski tracking app experience, serves as an intuitive diary for skiers and snowboarders who record distance and speed traveled via the GPS on the iPhone or Apple Watch. Its first-class social features enhance the experience by sharing with friends and family – at the touch of a button. The app may be packed with a mountain of data, but navigating it is as easy as driving down a sleigh.

Game: A musical story

Development team: Glee Cheese Studio (France)

A Musical Story is a harmonious blend of song, history and artistry that redefines what mobile gaming can be. The game’s narrative unfolds with intricate animated minimalism, and the gameplay gives a new boost to the rhythm game. And in the end, it shows how seemingly different design elements can interact perfectly.

social influence

Winners in this category enhance people’s lives in meaningful ways and raise awareness of important topics.

App: rebel girls

Development team: Rebel Girls Inc. (USA)

With rich sound and amazing original art, the Rebel Girls tell the stories of some of the world’s most influential women such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Simone Biles or Frida Kahlo. The topics span different careers, cultures and decades. Accompanied by voices and illustrations by female and non-binary artists from around the world, they are perfectly aligned with the stories and the surface.

Game: Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

Development team: Broken rules (Austria)

Apple Arcade Original Gibbon is an ecological adventure where players swing, spin and glide through beautifully hand-drawn landscapes in search of their family. The unique game mechanics ensure plenty of free-flying fun, while the story encourages green thinking and subtle empathy, while players slip into another living creature’s shoes and learn an important lesson.

visualization and graphics

The winners in this category have stunning images, skillfully drawn interfaces and high quality animations that ensure a distinctive and consistent design.

App: Halide Mark II

Development team: Lux Optics (USA)

The ingenious camera app Halide Mark II focuses on the essentials. The sleek tool packs several features into an incredibly easy-to-use, clear and intelligently organized user interface, modeled after a movie camera. Long-term photographers should be familiar with the movements. But even for those who have just begun to venture into focus and exposure settings, everything remains clear. With the impressive camera for iPhone and now also a version specifically for iPad, users can create amazing images.

Game: LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways

Development team: Gameloft (Canada)

With a cinematic atmosphere, immersive visual effects and tactile gameplay, Castaways is a force to be reckoned with. It takes place on a long-abandoned planet and immerses players in a galaxy of action, mystery and sometimes dance parties through fantastically rendered environments and fluid animations. And with endless customization options and countless characters, there are no limits to the adventure.


Winners in this category offer a first-class experience through a new use of Apple technologies that sets them apart in their genre.

App: Odio

Development team: Volst (Holland)

The audio app Odio creates impressive true-to-life ambient sounds – waterfalls, rivers or rich electronic sounds – which are made even more realistic with 3D sound and head tracking. The sound worlds can be personalized as the compositions can be adjusted via a circular play element. They are also accompanied by futuristic floating animations that accompany the sound synchronously. This creates unique audiovisual experiences.

Game: MARVEL Future Revolution

Development team: Netmarble Corp. (South Korea)

MARVEL Future Revolution is a technological masterpiece worthy of Stark Industries. The winner of the iPad Game of the Year in 2021 brings the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life with immersive action-RPGs in the open world and metal-based fluid combat, sumptuous interludes and a multiverse of astonishingly detailed character models.

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