Opponents of vaccination who kidnapped children in Paraguay call for an end to the search for children


Opponents of vaccination are calling for an end to the human hunt

Between January and October 2021 alone, 1,077 Germans moved to Paraguay. This means that new German citizens make up the third largest population group there after Brazilians and Argentines (source). The most common reason for the decision to leave Germany: the Corona measures and the vaccination. Many emigrants followed the calls from dubious chat groups: a decision based on half-knowledge and fake news. An entire emigration business had developed, we reported.

A particularly serious case is this: Investigators in Paraguay are publicly looking for a German couple who are against vaccination. What happened? Like many others from the circle of “lateral thinking” and “anti-vaccination” extremists, this couple fled to Paraguay with their two children (10, 11) last November out of irrational fear of corona vaccination and a vaccination obligation that never came. In their farewell letter, the seemingly well-indoctrinated people write about a “state of surveillance” in which “human experiments” threaten. Therefore, they will have to pull on the “rip rope” (source). Telegram & Co. has done a good job.

The accusation: You kidnapped the children!

But as tragic as it is, it’s worse. The two children each come from the two partners’ first marriage. The remaining parents from previous relationships had never given consent to the irrational, ideologically motivated emigration. Their children were secretly taken from them. Just over six months after the disappearance of the children, the big problem is in Paraguay: wanted posters have been sent out for opponents of vaccination and the allegedly kidnapped children (source).

The newspaper writes that they tried to settle in an “anti-vaccine enclave” in La Colmena. According to the newspaper, these are “extremist societies”. But since January, there have been no traces of opponents of vaccination. The remaining parents are desperate, afraid of their children: They are “in a tunnel of fear,” says the father (source). He has been writing emails to his ex-wife for several months – with no response. He posted a video in a desperate appeal to his ex-wife.

He accuses her of having committed a crime. “But here too I want to work for us to finally come together as a family again.” In another similar case, where an anti-vaccination mother kidnapped their children to Paraguay, the biological father was able to find them after several weeks of searching and to bring Germany back. The children’s mother was sentenced to 1.5 years probation and must perform 200 hours of community service. And it was a minor judgment that the father upheld (source).

Suspected kidnappers request that the search for them be stopped

The fleeing opponents of vaccination have now sent a video message to authorities in response to the public manhunt. Prosecutor Carina Sánchez said on ABC television Tuesday night: “We have received video footage showing the two children. But we can not use the background to determine where they are.” (Source) In the video, the children and their parents ask that they no longer be searched for: “I want the world to know that I accompanied them voluntarily and have not been kidnapped,” the 10-year-old girl said.

As a reminder: According to the Paraguayan Public Prosecutor’s Office, an arrest warrant has been issued against the couple by the international police agency Interpol. The lawyer for the parents who stayed in Germany also addressed an open letter to the vaccination opponents: “Do the right thing. Contact us or the authorities, ”the letter said. “Our clients are not worried about punishment. They want to find a solution with you that allows everyone to have a future in peace and a return to normal life.” Meanwhile, a possible helper of the suspected kidnappers has been arrested and questioned (source).

One of the most extreme forms of disinformation and intimidation of “lateral thinking”

Incidentally, it is also ironic that Paraguay is not at all the anti-vaccination paradise, as reported in Telegram. Access for the unvaccinated was banned at the beginning of the year (source). The extremely large number of corona deaths led to massive approval of mandatory vaccination in Paraguay by 71% (source). The problem for the people of Paraguay is not excessive uncertainty about the vaccination, but that too little vaccine was available (source, source).

In addition to horrific (suicidal) murders due to the extremely large number of lies from Telegram & Co like Idar-Oberstein or Königs-Wusterhausen, such tragic cases as the alleged kidnapping of the two children to Paraguay by radicalized opponents of vaccination. most extreme examples of fanaticism and disinformation from “lateral thinking”. One must hope that the alleged kidnapped children are safe and can soon be reunited with their families. The anti-vaccination couple, on the other hand, will have legal consequences. All because they fell for lies from lateral thinkers.

Article image: Jorge Saenz / AP / dpa

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