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The acceptance of digital currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment continues to increase worldwide. Bitcoin payment providers like BitPay and BTCPay server make it easier for anyone to purchase a wide range of products, including real estate, using the digital currency.

Read on to learn how to buy a house with bitcoin.

The real estate market is (slowly) embracing bitcoin

The real estate market has recognized the potential of Bitcoin and other digital currencies for payments.

So she announced United Wholesale Pant announced a plan to accept bitcoin payments in August 2021. Although the plan was later shelved due to high costs and regulatory pressure, it signaled interest in cryptocurrencies as a method of payment in the real estate market.

This was not the first time the crypto and real estate industry have come together. In June 2017, what was possibly the first known bitcoin sale of a family property took place in Texas. According to the agent Copper Sotheby’s International the transaction was processed via BitPay, which converted bitcoin to US dollars. BitPay has also handled other real estate transactions, including the sale of a property on Lake Tahoe in 2014 for 2,739 BTC ($ 82 million today and $ 1.6 million back then).

Currently, several real estate websites allow buyers to perform direct and indirect digital currency transactions. Sites like Open Listings allow buyers to search for properties that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).

How to Buy a Home Using Bitcoin (Crypto-to-Crypto)

If you find a seller who is willing to accept BTC directly for their property, once the sale has been agreed and all documents have been signed, you can transfer the Bitcoin equivalent to the house price and send it to the seller’s address.

But when it comes to crypto-to-crypto real estate trading, you have to reckon with Bitcoin’s volatility and the level of trust between the transaction parties.

To ensure that the payment runs smoothly, it is best to use a deposit service so that all the title documents are in your possession before you pay the money to the seller.

How to buy a house with bitcoin (crypto-to-fiat)

Alternatively, you can buy a home with bitcoin by exchanging your coins for fiat currency through a crypto payment provider at the time of sale.

Services like BitPay allow buyers and sellers to protect themselves against bitcoin price fluctuations by converting the digital currency to US dollars once the payment is made.

Most real estate companies that have properties for sale use a crypto payment processor to accept cryptocurrencies, but receive the funds in fiat currency.

Pros and cons of buying a house with bitcoin

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of buying a home with Bitcoin.


To acquire a more stable asset

The value of Bitcoin can fluctuate sharply. So when buying a home with Bitcoin, you are trading a volatile asset with a less volatile asset, which may be the right move for certain types of investors. However, this may turn against you if the BTC price falls again.

Potential discount

If a seller agrees with bitcoin, they can offer you a discount. Offering discounts to people who pay with bitcoin has become quite common among companies that accept bitcoin, especially those who actually have the digital currency on their balances.


Find a seller

It is not easy to find a real estate agent who accepts cryptocurrency. While some real estate sites allow you to filter sellers by adding words like “bitcoin” to your search parameters, you often need to contact the sellers for further confirmation.

Bitcoin volatility

Bitcoin’s volatile price makes it a risky payment option for sellers, who may not get the value they hoped for if the price drops sharply shortly after a transaction. Therefore, some sellers who accept digital currencies prefer to receive payments in stack coins.

If you have been lucky enough to make a nice amount of money in the crypto markets and want to diversify into other assets, buying real estate with Bitcoin may be an option for you that does not require you to sell your BTC first.

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