Thread: Are there any sayings you heard as children that still shape you today?

The average adult speaks about 16,000 words a day. And with every word, we send information. Not all of this information is well thought out and carefully considered. A lot is just said, something else is calculated and other words hover unspoken in space. Whether intentional or not, what we tell other people moves them. Children in particular often take in what is said – the good things, but also the bad ones. And some things resonate throughout life. The following questions from female freckles. A thread that makes us think.

Many things you want to hear

Lovely family tradition

Even though the intention is different: Such words only expose one’s own helplessness and provide no support

Please never say such a thing!

Parents should also learn to articulate their needs without using toxic formulations

It is an achievement to overcome these words, and we wish everyone who heard them
much power in healing

Strong if you manage to break this circle

Glad who can say that


It is deeply moving how long people are accompanied by the words they heard as children. While this is not always conscious: Words can leave scars, but they can also carry you through your entire life. Therefore: Be sensitive to your language. Use them with caution, especially with children, and think carefully about what you want to give your children on their journey through life.

Many emotional illnesses also have to do with what we were taught as children. One thread that unfortunately also deals with this topic is this:

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