Next 100x Crypto – 3 new cryptocurrencies on the way “to the moon”


It really is not easy to find the one altcoin among the thousands of cryptocurrencies that will go to the moon. However, some blockchain projects appear extremely promising on the way “to the moon”, which is why value increases only seem to be a matter of time.

In this article, we cover three cryptocurrencies that show exceptional potential and could possibly be among the next 100x cryptocurrencies: DeFi Coin (DEFC), Lucky Block (LBLOCK) and STEPN (GMT). In our opinion, the three cryptocurrencies are among the most promising Web3 projects ever, which have only recently been announced – investors still have the chance to invest in the coins before any hype.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Static rewards on each trade

A cryptocurrency where you are rewarded for every trade made with tokens: That’s what DeFi Coin promises to be. Although DEFC “already” has been on the market since December 2021 and therefore is the oldest coin on our list, you can still invest in DeFi coins cheaply.

Central to the benefits of the community-led token DeFi Coin are the static rewards that the holder rewards with new tokens every time someone sells or trades DEFC. This increases your own stock of DeFi coins on an ongoing basis, as the rewards also come in DEFC.

Buy Defi coins

The regular reward is funded by a ten percent fee charged for each trade. Exactly half of the fee then goes directly to the DEFC holders’ wallet addresses, where the amount of coins you receive depends on the share you own of all available DeFi coins (100 million tokens in total).

In addition to the static rewards, there are other ways to use DEFC for lucrative rewards. How to participate in liquidity pools on DeFi Swap, the decentralized swap exchange behind DeFi Coin. In the future, it should also be possible to use yield breeding and trade NFTs with DEFC.

To ensure that the BEP-20 token does not suffer from inflation, the developers have also implemented coin burning. By regularly destroying coins, the artificial scarcity is maintained, which should stabilize the price of the cryptocurrency.

The value of DeFi Coin is currently € 0.28, in the last week the digital currency fell by about 5 cents. Nevertheless, there is still a big plus in the last three months: DEFC was able to increase by more than 180% during this period, giving great hope for further price explosions.

2. STEPN (GMT) – Make money on races

STEPN is a brand new blockchain-based app built on Solana that rewards its users for steps in real life. The Web3 application has been available for download in the Google Play Store for less than four months and already has more than a million downloads and 16,000 ratings: With an average rating of 4.1 stars, the majority of customer reviews are extremely positive.

But how exactly does STEPN work? After downloading the free app for your smartphone, you can purchase a virtual shoe as an NFT at the integrated sneaker marketplace. This has individual values ​​and determines the speed at which you need to run to make money.

You then start the running units – whether you walk slowly, jog faster or even sprint – and are rewarded with native Green Satoshi Tokens (GST). These can then be exchanged to USDC directly in the app.

In addition to Green Satoshi tokens, the Solana-powered app also works with the GMT governance token. If you just want to invest in the idea of ​​STEPN and take advantage of a successful future for the app, you can invest your money in GMT coins.

The GMT course underscores the fact that STEPN was well received right from the start. In March, the decentralized token was still at € 0.10, a month later it reached the direct record of € 3.83 – a gain of more than 3,700%. The STEPN crypto currently stands at € 0.92, so now might be a good time to step in.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Crypto-lottery with the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever

Lucky block ticket

No cryptocurrency cracked the $ 1 billion market value as fast as Lucky Block Coin after the first offering in January 2022, which is why LBLOCK made a name for itself as the fastest growing cryptocurrency ever. The hyped crypto lottery run by Binance Smart Chain fills the hearts of online gambling fans.

Lucky Block’s goal is to build a transparent and community-driven gambling platform. The first round of the big jackpot draw, which must be completed on a regular basis, started on 31 May.

Lucky Block comes with a special winning system that promises a high degree of fairness and justice. In fact, the lucky participant with the correct ticket number gets 70% of the total prize, as the remaining 30% is distributed equally among all LBLOCK holders, the LB Marketing team and previously selected charities.

In addition to the main lottery, Lucky Block also has a few other offers in stock. You can also secure one of a total of 10,000 Platinum Rollers Club NFTs, which provide access to an exclusive daily draw. In addition, the team has recently released their own smartphone app, which means that you can now also participate in LBLOCK gambling via mobile phone.

To be able to participate in the next Lucky Block lottery or to take advantage of a long-term successful future for the BSC project, an investment in LBLOCK may now be worthwhile.

Guide: How to Participate in the Lucky Block Lottery

The following three steps are required to enter the next LBLOCK jackpot draw on June 6:

Step 1: Connect your wallet and buy BNB

In the first step, we need Binance Coins, which we can buy directly at To do this, we click on the golden button in the middle and connect our wallet to the platform.

We can then choose whether we want to pay with crypto or fiat money and enter the amount for which we want to buy Binance Coins in the top field. With a click on “Deposit” we complete the transaction.

Step 2: Switch BNB to LBLOCK

Now awaiting the switch from BNB to LBLOCK, which we can also launch at To do this, we click on the “Swap BNB for LBLOCK” button and enter the number of Binance coins that we want to exchange in the top field.

The bottom field should show the corresponding number of Lucky Block Coins that we would receive for our selection. If we accept the exchange, we can complete the transaction with a single click.

Buy BNB at Lucky Block

Step 3: Participate in the lottery

Now we are waiting for the next LBLOCK lottery and keep our coins in our wallet until then. Shortly before the jackpot draw, we were to be awarded a ticket and can follow the live stream to see if we are the lucky winner of the main prize.

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