Children must stay at home

Delitzsch.The sun is shining, children are playing in the garden, in the large digging area or under the tall trees. At first glance, there is no indication of an emergency in the day care center “Am Park” in Delitzsch. Nevertheless, the support association, the district association Volkssolidarität Nordsachsen, decided to take a drastic step: In the next six weeks, 45 of the 134 children can not be cared for. Lack of staff makes it necessary, explains Jana Kunze, who is responsible for the education area at Volkssolidarität. Four of the 20 positions are currently permanently vacant. In addition, there are long-term illnesses, vacations, pregnancy.

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The State Youth Welfare Office and the Youth Welfare Office in Northern Saxony are also informed. “We also receive support for this path from this side,” explains Andrej Heim, CEO of Folkets Solidaritet Nordsachsen. The parents’ council was present. The solution was found together to share the times between the children. The partial closure now affects all children for ten days each, spread over the weeks. The parents were informed by letter to the parents. It is primarily the children and parents who are affected, but also the parents’ employers who are confronted with these restrictions.

There is no other way, say Jana Kunze, Yvonne Seyffert-Gläßer and Andrej Heim (from left) from Volkssolidarität. The day care center Delitzscher “Am Park” has to reduce care drastically due to staff shortages.

“The staffing situation in Saxony is still very tight,” says Jana Kunze. According to this, twelve children of kindergarten age or five children of nursery age are assigned to one full-time specialist. It places Saxony in the penultimate place nationally. Holidays, sick leave, training periods are not included. In fact, educators often end up caring for 18 or even 25 children. With constant errors, the load limit is now exceeded. On the one hand, the safety of children is at risk, the quality of care is not guaranteed, on the other hand, it is also about employees who can no longer regenerate, which also leads to health problems.

The day care center “Am Park” is apparently the first in Saxony to take such strict measures and pull the emergency brake, but those responsible are sure: things are not better in other facilities.

Day care center Delitzscher

The day care center Delitzscher “Am Park” has to reduce care drastically due to staff shortages.

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“We are feeling the massive shortage of skilled labor,” explains Jana Kunze. For a long time, Delitzscher institutions could benefit from the proximity to Leipzig. However, the forces themselves are now needed. Higher travel costs further reduce the motivation to commute to the surrounding area. Means: Staff gaps can not be closed as quickly. Three new hires are now in sight for the daycare “Am Park” in August, September and October. In addition, starting school provides some relief.

Refund of contributions will be investigated

Can the parents get the canceled care refunded? “According to the municipality’s parent contribution statute, reimbursement is granted for five consecutive days at the earliest, when the facility cannot offer childcare,” explains Andrej Heim. It would be a courtesy decision on the part of the city. However, the inquiry to the city administration has been made. The case will now be investigated there. “

Holidays are counted

On the one hand, Yvonne Seyffert-Gläßer, head of the day care center “Am Park”, is grateful to her staff for persevering and continuing to carry out their work with love. On the other hand, she is aware that much has already been in demand by parents in recent Corona years. In recent days, she has had to talk to many parents who are now having trouble securing childcare. In any case, it is possible to “change the days by agreement. A 10-day holiday for the children is taken into account during the six weeks, so the 2-day rule does not apply. ” In case of extreme difficulties, it is also offered to look after children in other facilities with the breadwinner during this time.

Staff shortages are increasing throughout Germany

According to a study on the occasion of the German Kita Management Congress, the shortage of staff in the German day care institutions is generally increasing. “It is estimated that 9,000 day-care centers in Germany have worked more than half the time in the past year with understaffing relevant to supervision. That is more than twice as many day-care centers as a year ago,” said Udo Beckmann, federal president of Uddannelses- og Træningsforeningen.

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