Next 100x Crypto – 3 new cryptocurrencies that could go to the moon

Today, it’s not just about finding a tenbagger. Rather, we want to find investments that multiply by a hundred. Anyone who invests € 1,000 today can have € 100,000 in their portfolio in a few months, years or even decades.

With such an ambitious plan, the risks are obvious. On the one hand, it can happen, especially with cryptocurrencies, that they suffer significant value losses and do not establish themselves in the long run. On the other hand, it will not always be enough for a 100x performance. Most crypto investors would probably be happy if the price of the cryptocurrency increased tenfold.

This is undoubtedly possible with all new cryptocurrencies from the following article, if the respective investment case is realized.

New cryptocurrency right after release: Lucky Block

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  • decentralized Blockchain platform
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With patience for 100x crypto

For a 100x investment, patience is required first and foremost. Without a doubt, choosing the right cryptocurrency is also crucial. But with an asset class that is inherently very volatile, you need a solid mindset to go through the proverbial thick and thin with the respective coin. For prices do not rise a hundred times in a few days. A single uptrend will hardly make the performance explode this way.

Rather, history shows that all coins that have been multiplied a hundred times have experienced constant ups and downs. Often there were corrections of 80% or more. This should not disturb crypto holders if they really want to hodle the coin up to 100x performance.

Giant opportunities, high risks: diversification as an important tool

If you want a lot, you have to risk more. This also applies without limitation to the search for a 100x cryptocurrency. However, there is an opportunity for investors to reduce the risks that undoubtedly exist by diversifying the portfolio. Crypto investors do not put everything on one card, but spread their investment on different coins. Then the chances increase that the entire investment is not lost and that there really is a top performer or even 100x coin among the cryptocurrencies in the wallet.

The following three coins may explode in the future. But since these are all young crypto projects, some requirements must be met if 100x is to be possible. Therefore, in the following section, we not only present three possible multibagger coins, but also define an investment case.

1. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Investment Case: Various gaming platform

If we look at Lucky Block’s performance in the past week this Saturday, we find price losses of around a quarter. When a milestone was reached – the first Lucky Block draws – profit-taking followed. Lucky Block is currently trading around 85% below the all-time high and could still become a 100x cryptocurrency in the long run.

Lucky block

Always on the condition that the following investment case arises: The first draws have been completed successfully at Lucky Block. Two lucky entrants won $ 1 million in the main draw and the NFT draw. The transactions in the blockchain history can be controlled transparently. This ensures trust and can also contribute to the long-term establishment of crypto lotteries. If investors realize that these are not one-time effects but that daily profits will be possible with LBLOCK from June 6, the demand for the token may explode.

At the same time, the 100x performance is based on the investment case that Lucky Block will offer significantly more features in the medium term. The developers are currently working on play-2-earn games. At the same time, they aim to get into Metaverset and want to build a versatile gaming platform. Games and crypto – these are two high-growth markets that draw huge imagination – at best also for a 100x performance.

2. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Investment Case: Multifunctional decentralized exchange

The DeFi currency corrected by about 15% in last week’s trading. Nevertheless, one looks back on successful weeks. Following the launch of its own DEX DeFi Swap, the price exploded. While DEFC still traded for less than $ 0.10 in early May, the price is currently $ 0.30. In just about a month, the investment has already tripled. Nevertheless, there may be even greater potential in the long run – will the DeFi coin be a 100x cryptocurrency?

As a native symbol of DeFi Swap, such performance should primarily depend on the establishment of DEX and the rising demand. If DEX is used more, the demand for the DeFi coin will increase. The rate would rise, public attention would be safe for the cryptocurrency. Because consciousness is a basic requirement to become a 100x coin.

DeFi Coin market value

Therefore, it requires a look at the new DEX DeFi Swap. A wide range of crypto products is already offered today. You can exchange crypto, bet coins or make money through dividend breeding. But the supply is gradually expanding. There are new features on the roadmap that can increase the popularity of DeFi Swap sustainably:

  • research tools
  • analysis tools
  • crypto signals
  • DeFi swap app
  • continuing education program
  • news feed

3. ApeCoin (APE) – Investment Case: NFT boom continues, Ape ecosystem grows

Crypto fans know the Ape brand from the NFT space. Because the non-fungible tokens from the Bored Ape Yacht Club are among the best known and most valuable NFTs in the world. The developers used the hype surrounding the ecosystem of bored monkeys to quickly offer additional features. New NFT collections, its own Metaverse Otherside and ApeCoin are part of the growing ecosystem.

After a brilliant start, a massive correctional movement followed in the last month, which pushed the ApeCoin price down by around 60%. ApeCoin (APE) is trading about three quarters below the highest level ever. The NFT market is currently showing weakness and consolidation may be imminent.

However, there is a potential investment case where ApeCoin would become a 100x cryptocurrency with a market value of less than $ 2 billion. Following a consolidation in the NFT market, ApeCoin as a blue-chip NFT would be among the survivors emerging strengthened from the bearish market environment.

NFTs continue to evolve technologically and create real-world application scenarios. Ape would leverage the pioneering position to expand into more disciplines, diversify the NFT ecosystem, and generate revenue streams. Then ApeCoin, which in this investment case is presented as the original token and center of the ecosystem, can achieve a significantly higher market value.

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