LBV art competition for children with exhibition opening in Friesenried on the bird trail

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Of: Klaus-Dieter Körber


About 100 children are eagerly awaiting a medal at the opening ceremony of the children’s art exhibition in the Green Classroom. © Körber

Friesenried – Brilliant sunshine and equally clear, happy children’s eyes could be seen a few days ago in the “Green Classroom” on the bird nature trail in the State Association for Bird Protection (LBV) not far from Friesenried. There, children of all ages proudly presented their self-designed works of art. The opening of the children’s art exhibition took place with music, song and words of praise. Over the coming months, the works of the little artists can be admired there

A total of 157 works of art made from materials that mostly end up in the trash were awakened by skilled children’s hands into imaginative, creative “birds”. The task for this LBV art competition was to use only natural material or material intended for waste, explained education manager for LBV Schwaben Monika Schirutschke. In addition to this idea of ​​sustainability, the well-known folk song “Die Vogelhochzeit” was the focus of further implementation. Not an easy task. So much the more remarkable what was offered to the astonished visitors at the opening.

Nature and bird protection

In addition to the artistic activity, this competition had a different, far-reaching background, which both biologist Monika Schirutschke and Friesenried mayor Bernhard Huber emphasized in their greetings: Nature and bird protection mean more than ever saving on plastic and similar disposable products. From now on, responsible, careful use of “our” resources must be paramount for all of us, and avoiding waste must be a top priority. Some of the children also expressed these results in short statements. A nine-year-old confidently explained that discarded pieces of plastic often find their way into the food chain in the form of microplastics or end up in a bird’s nest where the rainwater can no longer run away and the chicks eventually drown.

Tatjana Nocker, founder of “querKunst Kaufbeuren eV”, was busy evaluating the submitted works of art. “An extremely difficult job,” she admitted. An assessment based on points and grades was not possible. Every single exhibition, made with a lot of imagination and dedication, deserves a plaque. So in the end, there were only winners and no rankings.

The owl and the owl

A wide variety of materials were used, such as plastic bottles, cans, chocolate and candy wrappers, cones, discarded household items and flowers. True to the verse in the song “The owl said goodbye to the owl with the howl”, 7-year-old Paul had egg cartons and old LED lamps made to make an owl. Mira, nine years old, decided to create a complete forest landscape of natural materials, bottle caps and small plastic pipes according to the verse “The owl, the owl, he closes the shutters”. Mira imaginatively created a wooden cave in her forest, in which an owl sits, framed by shutters.

During an inspection of the works, guests could always discover new and good ideas for carrying out the required task and realize that each of the submitted works of art can rightly be described as a unique and personal “masterpiece”. The logical consequence was that all participating children received a medal. Of course made of sustainable wood.

The afternoon was musically accompanied by the accordion quartet “Musikalino”. The song about “The Bird Wedding” could not be missed. Schoolgirl Mira Tröbelsberger whistled the familiar children’s song in a duet with her mother. It was Tatjana Nocker who also mentioned that during the Pentecost holiday there will be a workshop on the topic “the colors of the country” in the Green Classroom for all art-interested children from eight years and over. More info at

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