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For some a closed book, for others the future trend par excellence, and for others the investment opportunity par excellence, we are talking about NFT. A few facts about NFT have spread far and wide and are known by many people. Almost everyone knows that they are somehow digital images, including works of art, and that they have something to do with cryptocurrencies. But many find it difficult to assign a real benefit to cryptocurrencies and the NFT. With a new concept, Hanf Magazin wants to bring NFT closer to people, especially hemp lovers, and create many examples of usability.

The “Hemp To The Moon” NFT collection opens doors

NFT (Non Fungible Token – German: Non-exchangeable Token) from the hemp magazine “Hemp To The Moon” NFT Collection has been available for a short time. But they are not just a digital asset, “Hemp To The Moon” NFT should always have a real and real added value. One of the first and best examples of this will be NFT Lounge be that visitors to some of the major hemp fairs in Europe will find. Owners of certain NFTs, such as a “Hemp To The Moon” NFT or a Plåntz plant castle attached to an NFT, have exclusive access. In the NFT Lounge, champagne from Moët & Chandon awaits in a cozy atmosphere, other drinks and snacks as well as good opportunities for networking and community contacts. Whether you are a crypto beginner or already have contact points and experience with NFT, it is NFT Lounge is both exclusive and inclusive. The entrance ticket, NFT, can be purchased directly on site. The visitor is accompanied and, if necessary, guided through the entire process, from creating a crypto wallet to receiving the NFT.

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, not many events and fairs have been held. This year there is again a real trade fair season and NFT Lounge will be found in many places.

“We’ve been dealing with these blockchain-related topics for a few months, and now, with the return to trade show activities, it was a good time for us to do something new instead of continuing the usual trade show concept of the last few years. Of course the number of people who own an NFT, deal with crypto and blockchain issues, have a wallet, etc., is still insignificant and access barriers are still very high – but that’s exactly why we want to show what you can do all as it works and even offers effective onboarding from your own purse to NFT in the purse directly on the spot.It’s not about jumping on hype for us, it’s about showing what real benefit, what added value an NFT can have . ”

Lucas Nestler – Hemp Magazine

“Hemp To The Moon” NFT and NFT Lounge at the fairs are the beginning and constitute the first added value of the NFT Collection. In the future, treats and access to discounts and promotions will also be available exclusively to NFT owners. This new community concept is not just about consuming content, it is about interactivity. The community should be involved in the project, be able to identify with it and participate in its design. Collaboration with partner companies should also be part of the project. Less against each other, more cooperation, that should be a guiding principle.


Your way into the world of Hanf Magazine NFT community

You are of course also cordially invited to visit Hanf Magazine’s stand at one of the fairs, to get information and be guided directly through the onboarding steps. If you can not reach one of the exhibition events, or just do not want to wait that long, then you can also come to a “Hemp To The Moon” NFT with the following instructional video and enjoy exclusive promotions soon:

Our NFT lounge partners

NFT partners

Hamp Magazine – Hamp to the Moon

Plåntz – Plåntz NFT

drinks partner

CSWISS® – Ice Tea

Windpiel – Hemp Tonic

Chillma – Hamp Cola

Hempfy – Bitter Lime Tonic

Easychill – hemp lemonade

Liquid hemp – Hemp Gin

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