7 best new cryptocurrencies to invest and explode in June


As the summer begins, not only will temperatures rise, but also some exciting altcoins. So before you sit back in the pool and enjoy a cold drink, you should keep an eye on the crypto market.

Here are promising opportunities to invest in cryptocurrencies with the following seven assets. Among the tokens presented are Lucky Block and DeFi Coin – our two favorites when it comes to future price explosions.

1. DeFi coin

DeFi Coin, the in-house token of the decentralized exchange DeFi Swap, offers above all a reason for a long-term investment thanks to Static Rewards. Each trade in the BEP20 token incurs a 10% fee, which is intended to serve multiple purposes.

First, the trading fee stabilizes the DEFC price, as the currency becomes largely unattractive to short-term day traders. On the other hand, half of the fee is always distributed to all DeFi Coin Holders, from which Static Rewards is financed – the number of DEFC tokens that you own automatically increases over time.

In addition, DeFi Coin comes with other exciting features. For example, additional rewards can be earned with an automatic liquidity pool on the DeFi swap platform, and dividend breeding must also be introduced in the near future.

Furthermore, an NFT trading platform will soon be introduced at DeFi Swap, where you can buy non-fungible tokens with DEFC. Thus, the unique community-driven cryptocurrency will soon be able to expect a different usage scenario, which could cause the current price of € 0.28 to skyrocket.

2. Moonbeam

Moonbeam is an extremely useful project for many Web3 developers as it forms a bridge between Ethereum and Polkadot. Moonbeam’s smart contract parachain is based on the Polkadot network, but is also compatible with Ethereum.

The project aims to implement unique developer tools of the Ethereum ecosystem for the Polkadot environment. This makes it possible to combine the benefits of the sophisticated tools from Ethereum and the simple operation of Substrate.

More than + 20%!  Moonbeam (GLMR), Mina, PancakeSwap (CAKE) - the best cryptocurrencies today

The original GLMR token was first launched in early 2022, but has had a rather weak performance since then. Over the past week, however, the Moonbeam coin has risen and gained more than 15%, possibly the start of a profitable summer.

3. Graphene

The GRT token from The Graph has been in use since the end of 2020 and has already experienced one or the other price explosion. The Graph is one of the most promising Web3 projects ever, as it can make a major contribution to the transparency and further development of blockchain technology.

The indexing protocol makes it possible to query any data on a blockchain and to find it easily and quickly – almost like “Google in the blockchain world”. So far, The Graph has supported networks like Ethereum or IPFS, but in the long run, other Web3 ecosystems will need to be equipped with the indexing protocol.

Graph's website

The GRT coin is currently worth around € 0.13, but here too a promising crypto summer threatens with a plus of 12% in the last seven days.


Make money by running: This is what the new Web3 app STEPN promises. The fitness app, launched in the spring of 2022, is already very popular and is one of the few winners of the current crypto slide.

At STEPN, you first buy a digital sneaker NFT, which uses unique features to determine the size of the rewards. You can then walk, jog or sprint to earn native green Satoshi tokens (GST).

With the governance token GMT, you can also participate in future-oriented voting on STEPN and invest in the app. In the last three months (+ 600%) as well as in the last two days (+ 10%), the GMT currency has risen in value, so an investment in the STEPN app can pay off.

5. Qtum

Although Qtum has been around since 2016, the internal QTUM token can be profitable as a long-term investment. In principle, Qtum combines the benefits of the two largest cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, giving the project a massive potential.

The blockchain platform uses Bitcoin’s UTXO transaction model and combines it with the use of smart contracts, DApps and – most recently – DeFi apps. More than 20 cryptocurrencies have already been successfully built on the Qtum blockchain, which also uses the low-power Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

During the ongoing crypto-slippage, the QTUM currency has also had to accept significant price losses in recent months. The past week, however, has given investors a gain of more than 8%, giving hope for a lucrative future.

6. PAX Gold


In times of Corona and wars of aggression, people especially like to invest their money in a “crisis-proof” financial product: gold. But since the popular precious metal is not so easy to trade, the developers of PAX Gold decided to create a cryptocurrency that is fully supported by gold.

As a result, the PAXG token closely replicates the current price of gold and allows investors to invest in gold even with very small amounts. The ERC20 coin has been available on the market since the end of 2019 and has since then – like the gold value – risen by more than 26% thanks to the Corona crisis.

In light of future times of crisis, gold may become a popular investment product in the near future, which would cause the price of PAX Gold to rise.

7. Happiness block

With Lucky Block, we have a real insider tip that should be of particular interest to gambling fans. Lucky Block is a blockchain lottery on the Binance Smart Chain that aims to use new technologies to help online gambling become more secure, transparent and fair.

The justice aspect in particular plays a major role in the community-oriented project, as a special winning system is used in the regular jackpot draws. 70% of the profits always go to a main winner, the remaining 30% is distributed among all LBLOCK holders, LB marketing department and charities.

Buy Lucky Block Token Large

To enter the lottery, Lucky Block uses the native LBLOCK coin, which has already risen massively in value since the ICO in the spring of 2022. The LBLOCK price has also risen by just over 70% in the last three weeks, which may be a sign of a promising crypto summers.

In addition to the regular jackpot draws, which started on May 31, Lucky Block has recently started offering its own NFTs from the Platinum Rollers Club collection. For a Mint price of 3.75 WBNB (approximately $ 1,500 USD) you can get a lifelong lottery ticket that will soon give you access to an exclusive daily draw.

Photo by Marcel Eberle

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