Wayne Gretzky: eBay’s First NFT Collection: Some Items Sold Out in Just One Day | news

• In partnership with OneOf and Sports Illustrated, eBay has launched its first proprietary NFT collection

• The focus of the collection is ice hockey legend Wayne Gratzky, who will be other collections with other sports icons

• The goal of the project is to bring sports fans closer to the NFT world

eBay’s first NFT collection is for sale, the company announced on May 23 via Twitter. The focus of the collection is on ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, the NFTs are available from a price of ten US dollars.


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eBay’s NFT collection consists of 13 different Gretzky motifs

The collection consists of 13 different NFTs, each featuring an animated 3D rendering of the famous ice hockey player. According to t3n, normal NFTs have a circulation of 299 pieces – but there are also tokens with a lower circulation: the gold NFTs are available 199 times for 25 US dollars each, the platinum version is 99 times for 100 US dollars each -Dollar and The Diamond version is only available 15 times at a price of US $ 1,500 each.

Gold, platinum and diamond NFTs are sold out in 24 hours

And in fact, the eBay NFTs are obviously very popular: as t3n reports, the gold, platinum and diamond NFTs are said to be sold out just one day after publication. As of May 30, they are resold on eBay’s partner OneOf at prices in the four- and five-digit range – a token is even offered for $ 9,999,999. In addition to OneOf, Sports Illustrated magazine is also the official partner for eBay’s NFT collections. According to the three companies, the goal is to bring sports fans closer to the NFT world. It informs t3n.

Gretzky, galleon figure for the NFT collection, is quoted by CNBC as saying: “Forty years ago I was so grateful to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it was an important moment in my life […] I am honored to bring this fundraising experience to hockey fans who have followed my career for decades. “OneOf CEO Lin Dai told CNBC that her company’s goal is to bring NFTs to the next 100 million people through eBay and celebrities. According to CNBC , about 142 million people made purchases on eBay, the second largest e-commerce company after Amazon, in 2021. A physical Gretzky trading card was sold for as much as $ 3.75 million last year.

eBay’s NFTs appear to be available in the US only

“NFTs and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the field of collectibles and are increasingly being considered as an investment opportunity for enthusiasts. Through our partnership with OneOf, eBay is now making coveted NFTs available to a new generation of collectors everywhere,” said eBay’s Dawn Block . according to CNBC. Following the Gretzky collection, there will be other collections featuring other athletes to appeal to even more fans.

However, there seems to be a slight setback for collectors outside the US: There were complaints on Twitter that ordering or receiving the NFTs in Germany did not work. This is confirmed by t3n – the information portal claims to have tried to buy eBay NFTs itself, but failed even though all the required requirements (eBay and PayPal accounts) were actually met. Similar inquiries to eBay and OneOf had remained unanswered at the time of publication.

Olga Rogler / Editor finanzen.net

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