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At the same time, costs can be reduced and the supply relationship to semiconductors, which have recently been strained due to the supply crisis, can be improved, says Klaus Hofmockel, hardware development manager in the Cariad IT department in the Volkswagen Group. “In the medium term, we want to reduce the number of control units in the vehicle,” he explained. “The goal is to standardize all microcontrollers.” In more well-equipped cars, there are still up to 100 control units.

“We need to find new ways to centralize the computer systems in the car more,” Hofmockel said. “In addition to simpler software updates and simpler maintenance, this also makes it easier to manage the various supply chains.” Electronics have been difficult to procure for the automotive industry since the Corona crisis, and many manufacturers have been able to produce less than planned.

VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) wants to be involved in the planning of the systems from the start in order to keep up with competitors like Tesla when it comes to the crucial chip technologies, for example for their own major projects Artemis or Trinity. “We’re less concerned about a completely proprietary chip design,” Hofmockel explained, however. “The next step is more about a co-design between car and semiconductor manufacturers – that is, together defining at eye level which systems work best.”

VW has chosen Bosch and the American chip company QUALCOM as partners. A stage plan is being pursued, Hofmockel said. “In the collaboration with Qualcomm, we will initially fall back on existing chip design, which will be integrated into the VW operating system. Later, the focus will be more on the development of custom-made chips.”

In the coming generations, smaller and less high-performance chips will be used. “The car of the future is a high-performance computer on wheels. For this, we need enormous computing power combined with the lowest possible power consumption,” Hofmockel explained.

Security of supply must always be taken into account. “We are at a point where you have to commit to semiconductor manufacturers about five years in advance about what chips you want to buy in the future and in what quantities.” Some procurement relationships with conventional parts suppliers are “rather a phased-out model. Ultimately, it’s about developing skills to understand high-performance semiconductors in depth.”

As a kind of comprehensive IT brand, Cariad must push the development of self-programmed software and its integration into electronics in various subsidiaries of the VW Group. In the end, there was a problem with the implementation and with the further preparations. CEO Herbert Diess asked for understanding that the development of the division may require a little more time than first assumed.

VW’s collective bargaining round approaches – ‘reasonable share of success’

IG Metall also makes the demand for significantly more money the central point in the next negotiations for the approximately 125,000 employees at Volkswagen (Volkswagen (VW) vz). Before the negotiations in the autumn, there are “high expectations”, the union’s district leader Thorsten Grger said on Friday. The exact target for the VW house rate should be available by July 6th.

“Now that the group has paid a record dividend, and CEO Herbert Diess has once again received a huge bonus on top of his million-dollar salary, employees rightly expect to receive their fair share of success,” Grger said, explaining the result. of a meeting of the bargaining committee. In addition, inflation, which has recently risen to 7.9 per cent, must be taken into account. IG Metall does not want to accept real wage losses. Sufficient purchasing power, on the other hand, supports consumer demand and thus stabilizes the entire German economy.

Business Councilor Daniela Cavallo said she wanted to run a vigorous campaign for an increase in wages and salaries: “There is absolutely no reason for restraint. We have as little desire for tactics and covert play as to lament that proper wage increases would now be married to Volkswagen. ” Collective bargaining should start no later than November.

In the XETRA industry, the VW share temporarily rose 0.63 percent to 159.96 euros.

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