Queen Elizabeth: Even Diana’s brother dedicates a touching tribute to her

queen elizabeth
Diana’s brother Charles Spencer congratulates her on a rare image

Charles Spencer and Queen Elizabeth

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For a long time, the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana’s family seemed strained. The conflicts between Prince Charles and his wife and the monarch’s unfortunate first reaction to Prince Williams and Prince Harry’s mother’s death had created the impression of a rift between the families. But appearance is misleading.

Charles Spencer, 58, does not appear to have any grudge against the royal family. On the contrary: Princess Diana’s brother, 36, pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth, 96, a touching tribute to Queen Elizabeth, 96, on her platinum anniversary. At the start of the celebrations around the monarch’s special milestone, he posted a rare symbolic image.

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Queen Elizabeth: Royal fans abound during Charles Spencer’s congratulatory speech

It shows a section of the Spencer family home. Union Jack, Britain’s national flag, waves on the roof of Althorp House. “Congratulations from everyone at Althorp House to the Queen on her platinum anniversary,” he comments on his patriotic post – and with his congratulations, he encouraged many followers to make admirable comments to the Queen. “She is loyal, respectful, so much admiration. We are so proud of our queen,” wrote one user. “What a woman,” whispered another.

Charles Spencer’s tribute may come as a surprise to many. The relationship between the family and the royals was not always unencumbered. The unhappy marriage between Princess Diana and Prince Charles, 73, has not left relatives on either side untouched. After his sister’s death in August 1997, her brother held a deeply emotional praise at Westminster Abbey, where he did not crack his critique of the royal family.

Relations with the royal family were strained

She was a person with a natural distinction, he described Diana. “She proved in her final year that she does not need a royal title to work magic,” Spencer explained. She embodied compassion, duty, style and beauty. “All over the world she was honored for her humanity, for her commitment to the people who are oppressed.”

But despite her great popularity, Diana was always insecure deep down. “She had an almost childlike desire to help others stop feeling worthless, which I think was reflected in her eating disorder.” Points that were met with applause from the British who were waiting outside at the time – and probably disturbed the royal family with guilt.

At that time, the Queen in particular was criticized by the grieving nation. The British resented the fact that she did not publicly express her grief over her former daughter-in-law until late. She hesitated too long in the eyes of the people before returning from Balmoral to London, where millions of condolences to the “Queen of Hearts”.

But after 25 years, Charles Spencer seems to have shed his bitterness over this unhappy time. Through his nephews, Prince William, 39, and Prince Harry, 37, he is still inevitably linked to the royal family. But the story between his family and the royals goes back much further. A few days ago, he also showed a historical picture on Instagram that a fan had previously posted.

Diana’s grandfather was already by the queen’s side

The black-and-white image shows the monarch in 1946, when she was Princess Elizabeth, walking past a row of soldiers. She is accompanied by a man in a suit. His name was Jack Spencer, and he was the grandfather of Diana and her brother Charles. “HRH Princess Elizabeth inspects troops at the Spencer Parade in Northampton in 1946. HKH is closely followed by the 7th Earl of Spencer,” the royal fan wrote of his find. “Love this – my grandfather Jack Spencer on the left, in a suit. He had served (and been wounded) in World War I,” Charles Spencer added in a comment to the photo he shared.

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It seems that time has healed wounds. In these days when he pays homage to the extraordinary achievement of an extraordinary monarch, even Charles Spencer can leap over his shadow and show his respect. His nephews William and Harry want to thank him.

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