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Florian Sondershausen


As an expert in cryptocurrencies and CEO of Sondershausen Media GmbH, Florian Sondershausen supports its clients in investing in the crypto market through a systematic concept with calculable risk. Find out here how he goes about it, how he takes into account his clients’ personal goals, and why he places great emphasis on education.

In particular, rising inflation gives more and more people the desire to secure themselves financially. To achieve this goal, many of them are considering an investment in the crypto market – they expect a planned and rapid wealth building. However, only a few interested people succeed in making their project a success: they usually encounter various obstacles that they cannot easily overcome due to their lack of know-how. For example, they do not know which currencies are lucrative and how to develop a goal-oriented strategy. There are also various prejudices and concerns. “Often our clients have no idea how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Even though they are initially convinced of their plan, the resulting uncertainty suddenly prevents them from trading actively,” explains Florian Sondershausen of Sondershausen Media GmbH.

“It is therefore important for me to clear up prejudices and to give my clients complete information. I also develop a strategy that suits them and explain the risks associated with it. The goal should always be to be able to plan investments using of a systematic concept. ” , continues the financial expert. Florian Sondershausen came into contact with cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2012 – he followed their development almost from the beginning and gained a wealth of experience during this time. Against this background, he creates tailor-made strategies for his clients, with which they can use the crypto market for calculable asset accumulation.

Systematic and predictable: Florian Sondershausen’s concept

“The uncertainty of my clients is usually based on the fact that they do not have a sensible concept,” explains Florian Sondershausen. Therefore, he attaches great importance to conveying a targeted strategy to them, the financial expert believes. For many years, he optimized his approaches and established comprehensive concepts to be able to use blockchain technologies profitably.

Florian Sondershausen brings its results closer to its customers in a detailed step-by-step plan. Thanks to his interactive courses, he is able to systematically introduce even beginners to the basic principles of the crypto market. In addition, there is a collaborative learning process within his network, where all participants support each other.

Individual approach: Customer goals as a basis for strategies

People perceive the crypto market in different ways: While some primarily see it as a quick way to build wealth, for others it represents a stable investment platform for long-term goals. “Such different perspectives bring different goals,” explains Florian Sondershausen.

The financial expert’s focus is not only on educating his clients about risks and teaching them the basics of the crypto market – he always places great emphasis on involving his clients’ specific requirements and needs in any planning. That way, Florian Sondershausen has already managed to help more than 1,000 people build yet another source of income alongside their full-time jobs.

Basic education: How Florian Sondershausen declares war on prejudice

Despite the fact that they are considering investing in the crypto market, many people are in doubt about their venture due to widespread misconceptions. Their little know-how often leads to uncertainty. “As I know from personal experience, it is undoubtedly possible to use cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies to plan and build wealth. However, you must have a comprehensive basic knowledge to be successful,” explains Florian Sondershausen.

Therefore, he explains in detail to all his clients about the corresponding principles, risks and tricks. In this way, he wants to remove the fear of prospects and motivate them to take a determined and thoughtful approach. In introductory discussions, for example, he goes into detail about potential customers’ concerns and shows them their personal options.

Do you also want to build solid assets in the crypto market with a manageable risk? Then get in touch with Florian Sondershausen and sign up for a free introductory consultation!

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