CryptoTicker announces its first NFT collection

CryptoTicker is pleased to be the first German cryptocurrency news platform to present an NFT collection as a first step into its own metaverse. These NFTs will allow their respective holders to benefit from the valuable future declines. In this article, we review everything you need to know: what CryptoTicker is, what you can do with CryptoTicker NFTs, and how to get them.


What is Crypto Ticker?

CryptoTicker is a Berlin-based crypto, blockchain and technology news platform made up of an international team of experts eager to share their knowledge with the community. Our team travels the world to deliver news and market insights, share solid market analysis and trading ideas.

Over the course of 5 years, CryptoTicker has increased its reach from a few thousand to more than 10 million visitors a year. Our start was humble, but we had big dreams and we always believed in blockchain technology. That is why today we officially announce the start of our transition to Web 3.0.

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CryptoTickers first NFT collection – what’s it all about?

We are proud to announce our upcoming NFT collection to our exclusive members, which will be our entrance to the exciting Metaverse. Moving from a Web 2.0 to a Web 3.0 infrastructure is not easy and requires a lot of effort. As we plan our gradual rollout, we will add more and more features and benefits to our offerings.

As a first step, we will release two types of NFTs that will allow holders to qualify for future airdrops.

CT Genesis: (Legendary)

  • Lifetime access to Discord (worth $ 600 per year)
  • 3 NFT airdrops in 2022, 2 of which are guaranteed legendary items at the unveiling
  • Full service package for the party weekend arranged by CryptoTicker in Mallorca – flight + accommodation in our CryptoTicker Mallorca villa (planned for the end of August / beginning of September)
  • 2 days master class before summer party weekend physically & offline
  • Access our Cryptoticker Masterclass Discord channel
  • Annual Christmas dinner with Cryptoticker’s founding team including an overnight stay at a hotel
  • Participation in the draw for free conference tickets
  • Private guidance and support from our Trading & Research Team

2022: (Super Rare)

  • 2022 Discord Access (worth $ 600 per year)
  • 1 NFT Airdrop in 2022 is guaranteed a super rare item in the unveiling
  • Invitation to participate in CryptoTicker summer party weekend in Mallorca 2022 (planned between the end of August / beginning of September)

When will the first NFT collection be launched?

As we plan our gradual rollout, we will add more and more features and benefits to our offerings.

  • Whitelist open through June 9, 2022, via Discord only
  • Whitelist embossing June 10 – 16:30 CET / 14:30 UTC + 2 (by consensus)
  • public mining from 15 June 2022 (very limited availability)

For more information, please visit

How to participate in the upcoming NFT embossing?

To qualify for the Genesis NFT-Mint, you must first be a CryptoTicker premium member and be whitelisted. Thereafter, the NFTs will be available for embossing from June 10, 2022. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to be whitelisted to secure your spot:

  1. Activate your account on Discord and enter your order number and email address for our bot “Buddy” to watch the premium channels
  2. Find the channel named “Apply-Whitelist”.
  3. Write “/ Apply” on the channel and answer a few questions via direct message
  4. The whitelisted users will be announced on June 9 in our Discord advertising channel.

Once this is done, you will wait for a confirmation message that will allow you to mine NFT. On the day of the stamping, do the following:

  1. Download a Metamask wallet
  2. Buy yourself some ethers
  3. Send your ethers to Metamask
  4. Go to
  5. Connect your Metamask wallet
  6. Select the NFT you want and click on mint!

Important dates to remember:

The whitelist is only available to premium members via Discord until June 9, 2022 open

Whitelist mining June 10 – 16.30 CET / 14.30 UTC + 2 (by consensus)

public mining from 15 June 2022 (very limited availability)

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