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Of: Tobias Utz, Karolin Schäfer, Christian Stör, Lucas Maier


Russia may soon reach Putin’s war goal in Donbass. Meanwhile, battles are raging around strategically important cities: the news sticker on Thursday, June 2nd.

  • Rocket attacks at night: Russia bombs Kharkiv again
  • Negotiations in the Ukraine War: Meeting between Putin and Zelensky possible?
  • NATO with forecast on the Ukraine conflict: Probably months of war in Donbass (eastern Ukraine)
  • Editor’s note: This news sticker about the Ukraine War is constantly updated by our editors. The parties to the conflict are in part the source of the information. Information on the number of casualties or the course of the war can not be directly verified independently.

+++ 13.30: Russia’s troops in the Donbass are currently trying to penetrate further south. This was announced by the governor of the Donetsk region, Pavlo Kyrylenko, on Telegram on Thursday. Specifically, it is about possible conquests of the cities of Slovyansk and Kramatorsk. The American think tank “Institute for the Study of War” made a similar assessment in the morning.

+++ 12.45: According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, more than 200,000 children were deported from Ukraine to Russia. He explained on Thursday that Russia continues to forcibly relocate adults and children to mostly remote areas of Russia. It was one of Moscow’s most heinous war crimes.

+++ 12.00: The Federal Minister of Economy has issued a new forecast for the Ukraine war. Putin “can not stand much longer,” the Russian president said Thursday. He justified this with the sanctions against the country. According to Habeck, the Russian economy in particular will soon collapse.

News about the Ukraine war: rocket attacks on Kharkiv

+++ 11.15: At night, there were new rocket attacks on Kharkiv. It reports the news portal Kyiv Independent. There was one dead and one wounded. This was announced by the Governor of Kharkiv Oblast Oleh Synehubov.

Ukraine war
Russian Military Uragan Multiple Rocket Launcher Rockets: Archive footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defense. © Russian Ministry of Defense Press Service / AP / Doa

+++ 10.30: According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russian army appears to be short of drones. The Ukrainian military reported Thursday morning that the Russians are losing drones and have already started using emergency ministry drones.

+++ 10.00: New data on Russia’s heavy losses was released by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army. According to this, 30,850 soldiers from the army have fallen so far. In addition, according to statistics, 210 military aircraft and more than 1,300 tanks were destroyed.

+++ 09.15: Russian troops have been besieging the city of Sevierodonetsk in the Donbass for several days. It was already announced on Wednesday that parts of the city center had been taken. The British Ministry of Defense is now reporting, citing intelligence, that Russia is advancing towards Sevierodonetsk despite heavy losses. The main road into the city is likely still held by Ukrainian units, the report said, referring to the results of the intelligence service.

Ukraine News: “Incremental progress” from Russian troops

+++ 08.15: Russian troops are apparently trying to advance into the city of Lysychansk (Luhansk Oblast / Donbass). This is a strategically important military advance as Ukrainian forces were able to cross the river Siversky Donets there. It reports the US think tank “Institute for the Study of War” in the latest analysis of the Ukraine war. Consequently, there is “gradual progress” north of the cities of Sloviansk and Avdiivka, near Donetsk – so far with “limited success”, according to the institute.

Update from Thursday, June 2, 2022, at 7.30: According to information from Kiev, fighting continues over the administrative center Sievjerodonetsk in eastern Ukraine. “The enemy is carrying out attacks in the village of Sevierodonetsk,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in its situation report on Thursday. It is unclear how many districts in the former metropolis the Ukrainians still have. The Russians had already occupied the city center on Wednesday. Fighting in the suburbs of Bobrove and Ustynivka failed for the Russian troops, despite support from grenade launchers, according to the situation report.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian military admitted that the Russian offensive in Komyshuvakha was at least “partially successful”. The urban development is located south of the city of Lyssykansk, the Russians’ next stage destination. Lysychansk and Sievjerodonetsk are separated only by the river Siversky Donets and before the war together formed an urban area with 380,000 inhabitants.

Ukraine war: Putin’s war target approaches – explosions near Poland’s border

+++ 23.10: Explosions from the city of Lviv were reported. The Ukrainian city is located less than 100 kilometers from the border with Poland. The city’s governor, Maksym Kozytskyi, urged everyone in the city to stay in the shelters. The explosions have not yet been independently confirmed.

About 100 kilometers from the city of Odessa, the city of Mykolaiv was hit by Russian shelling on Wednesday (June 1). According to the governor, Oleksandr Sienkevych, two people died and two others were injured in the attack. In addition, gas supply is no longer guaranteed in parts of the city. This information is still awaiting independent confirmation.

Ukraine war: Putin’s war target approaches – parts of the Ukrainian city have been taken

+++ 20.30: The fights in the eastern Ukrainian city of Sevierodonetsk in the Luhansk region continues for days. According to the General Staff of Kiev, Russian troops appear to be “partially successful,” reports the news agency dpa. The enemy has control of the eastern part of the city, the Ukrainian military command said Wednesday night (June 1). The pro-Russian separatists claimed they had already taken control of more than 70 percent of the city. Their deputy Andrei Marochko reports that the city will soon be completely conquered. Large parts of the Ukrainian military have already withdrawn, but many Ukrainian defenders are not giving up yet.

Ukraine war: Pope warns of “alarming” tactics from Russia – Lavrov sees “third country” in danger

+++ 16.45: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has warned the United States that a “third country” could be involved in the Ukraine war. The delivery of state-of-the-art rocket launchers to Ukraine poses an increased risk, Lavrov stressed at a press conference in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday.

+++ 16:00: Pope Francis has called on Russia and Vladimir Putin not to use grain shipments as a weapon of war. “The blockade of grain exports from Ukraine, on which the lives of millions of people depend, is particularly alarming,” he said on Wednesday. The background for his request is the Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports. It prevents the export of a total of 22 million tonnes of grain. This threatens hunger in many other countries.

+++ 15.15: The Ukrainian armed forces have reported that Russian soldiers are withdrawing from the south. The Kremlin’s troops are on the defensive, as the governor of the Mykolayiv region, Vitaly Kim, explained on Telegram. The affected areas are close to the Russian-occupied Greater Kherson. President Zelenskyy also spoke about the alleged military success of the Ukrainian troops in his televised speech on Tuesday night.

Ukraine News: Meeting between Putin and Zelenskyy possible?

+++ 14.30: Surprisingly, Russia has not ruled out a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelenskyy. However, such a conversation must be prepared, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stressed on Wednesday. The consultations had been stopped some time ago because the negotiations had not led to any result. Selensky had repeatedly stressed in the past few weeks that he would talk to Putin at all, if at all.

+++ 13.30: Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has accused the United States of “deliberately adding fuel to the fire”. He referred this to arms deliveries to Ukraine. “Such deliveries do not encourage the Ukrainian leadership to resume peace talks,” Peskov said. He also criticized the compromise on an oil embargo against Russia: “The sanctions will have a negative impact on Europe, us and the entire global energy market,” the Kremlin spokesman said. However, a “restructuring” of the Russian economy is underway, “which will enable us to minimize the negative consequences.”

+++ 12.45: Russia has reported the destruction of Western weapons systems in Ukraine. “Up to 200 nationalists and 24 weapons systems were destroyed, including a battery of 155 mm M777 howitzers, a 203 mm 2S7 ‘Pion’ pistol, a ‘Grad’ multi-rocket launcher and two ammunition depots,” said a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry. Igor Konashenkov, Wednesday morning. The information from the Kremlin can not be independently verified.

+++ 12.00: Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kullas has revealed new details about the discussions at the EU summit. For example, there was a “heated debate” over phone calls with Vladimir Putin.

+++ 11.15: Russian troops have apparently blown up several bridges over the Unhulets River in southern Ukraine to destroy major arterial roads. This was reported by Task Force “South” of the Ukrainian army, according to news portal Kyiv Independent. The destroyed bridges are located near the villages of Davyduv Brid and Velyka Oleksandrivka in the Kherson region. The information cannot be independently verified.

News about the Ukraine war: Russia warns US

+++ 10.00: Germany will supply an advanced missile defense system to Ukraine. That is what Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Wednesday morning in the Bundestag.

Ukraine News: Chechen soldiers involved in heavy fighting

+++ 09.15: The British Ministry of Defense assumes a Russian advance into the center of Sevierodonetsk, as stated in this morning’s situation report. There are fierce fighting on the spot where Chechen armed forces are also involved. Away from the fighting in Luhansk Oblast, the Russian army is reportedly carrying out attacks with long-range missiles. The UK information can not be verified independently.

+++ 8.30: Russian nuclear forces are expected to hold military maneuvers northeast of Moscow on Wednesday. It informs the Russian news agency Interfax. About 1,000 soldiers with more than 100 military vehicles are said to be involved. Part of the equipment is apparently launchers for ballistic intercontinental ballistic missiles of the type “Jars”, which the Russian Ministry of Defense announced according to Interfax. The information from the Kremlin can not be independently verified.

News about the Ukraine war: Putin will soon reach war goal

First report from Wednesday, June 1 at 05.30: In the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk, Russian troops are ready to overthrow the last bastion of Ukrainian forces. If the fought regional capital, Sevierodonetsk, falls, Russia would have achieved one of its war goals: complete control of the Luhansk region. From there, Russian troops and Moscow-loyal separatists could move further west to conquer the strategically important cities of Sloviansk and Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region.

(cs / kas / lm / tu with dpa / AFP)

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