Paraguay: ex-professional and Covid denier kidnapped children, lateral thinkers betrayed him

Attorney Ingo Bott is embarking on a hopeful trip to Paraguay on Thursday. “I am convinced that we will come home with a good result,” the Düsseldorf lawyer from Düsseldorf told FOCUS Online. He represents Anne Maja Reiniger from Essen and Filip Blank, whose two minor daughters were kidnapped by their respective former spouses in the South American country. In November 2021, Andreas Egler, 45, and his new wife Anna, formerly Blank, took the girls on their odyssey.

In a farewell letter, the corona deniers justified their move by saying that the cord should be pulled. There was talk of a “surveillance state” where “human experiments” threatened.

A suspected aide was arrested in Paraguay

Fearing a possible vaccination claim, the couple staged the escape with eleven-year-old Lara Blank and ten-year-old Clara Egler. For the past six months, the bereaved German parents have done everything they can to get the missing children back. Meanwhile, prosecutors in Germany and abroad are looking for the German lateral thinkers and their daughters.

On Tuesday, the ABC newspaper reported that an abandoned getaway car belonging to the quartet had been found in the border area with Argentina. A suspected helper was also arrested. Attorney Bott says he and his colleague in Paraguay, Stephan Schultheiss, are in close contact with the responsible authorities.

Lawyer: “The children talk as if they had practiced the sentences”

A little later, the wanted couple released a video in which their daughters stressed that they had come voluntarily. There was no kidnapping. Andreas Egler, former German U-20 national footballer, tries to give the impression of being unfairly persecuted in a melodramatic staging: “We are the Egler family, who are now wanted around the world as serious criminals, as murderers, as criminals., said the man in his mid-forties. His wife Anna insists they “just wanted to protect the children.” And now they want to separate them. They urged the authorities to stop looking for them.

Attorney Bott considers the two-and-a-half-minute clip as a farce: “The children speak as if they had practiced the sentences.” The surrealistic performance does not seem authentic at all.

Notes from the lateral thinker scene

In an open letter to the wanted persons, Bott and his colleague appealed to the fleeing parents to make contact. “The well-being of the children is not compatible with the life on the run that has been chosen,” it says. After the letter, the lawyer states, there were already a number of clues as to where the refugees were. “Also from the lateral thinker scene.”

Father Filip Blank had previously sent a very touching message to his ex-wife via Facebook. “The police are on the trail of you,” he said on “his saddest father’s day.”

Once upon a time, they were both “the best patchwork parents”, “the best divorced parents that Lara has ever had. Everyone has envied us for that,” says Filip Blank. He knows his ex-wife is not happy with what she nor can it be fitting that “Lara has been on the run all her life.” Blank described the kidnapping as a crime that destroyed a lot of trust, but “here, too, I want to work for us to finally come together as a family. again. His lawyer Bott now wants to initiate this through his trip to Paraguay.

The case is reminiscent of the Pilhar couple from Austria

The tragic event is reminiscent of a spectacular case from 1995. At that time, the Austrian couple Pilhar left Austria to save their daughter Olivia, who was suffering from severe cancer, from urgently needed chemotherapy. With the blessing of the self-proclaimed cancer healer from Cologne, Ryke Hamer, the family fled law enforcement as far as Malaga in Spain. There, Hamer unsuccessfully tried to treat her with his abstrate methods.

After Pilhars was forced to return, the six-year-old girl was rescued by emergency operations at a Viennese clinic. Nevertheless, to this day, her father claims that Olivia was already in a healing phase.

Today, Helmut Pilhar is considered a representative of the so-called “Germanic medicine”. A gross esoteric medical theory that goes back to his mentor. Tenor: The diseases are primarily psychological. His conclusion about the corona virus: “Does not exist”. In the social networks, his abstrate messages find a great echo. Especially in the lateral thinker scene.

Paraguay: Thousands of corona skeptics emigrated

For a long time, Paraguay was considered an eldorado for fleeing German corona deniers. Thanks to incorrect information about the messenger service Telegram, thousands of corona skeptics emigrated. During the virus pandemic, the country that once hosted fleeing Nazi criminals from the Third Reich became a focal point for German-speaking conspiracy theorists. Mainly because it is relatively easy to get into. In addition, the government first introduced a vaccination certificate for travelers in April 2022.

According to the Neue Züricher Zeitung, the name “El Paraíso Verde” – the green paradise – is often used as a refuge for German lateral thinkers. A colony was founded around a German medical couple in one of the most remote and impoverished parts of Paraguay. As the English newspaper “The Guardian” reports, at least 2,200 Germans are said to have joined the community during the corona pandemic.

The German kidnapping couple and the girls Clara and Lara probably first sought refuge here. According to “Spiegel”, at least four other children kidnapped by their parents are said to be in the region in addition to the schoolgirls. Where remains uncertain.

One thing is clear, time is pressing, the circle seems to be closing. It can only be a matter of time before investigators find the fleeing Egler family and the girls Lara and Clara.