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The Italian National Basketball Federation (Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro, FIP), founded in 1921, has adopted a new logo ahead of this year’s FIBA ​​EuroBasket 2022.

For the first time in 16 years, the Italian National Basketball Federation is adjusting its visual identity. It is time to modernize the visual appearance of one of the largest associations in Italy according to today’s requirements, to appeal to especially a younger audience, as the presentation says. With the new compact logo in the form of a shield, the association, which currently occupies 10th place on FIBA’s world rankings, sees the various needs of sports-loving target groups covered, while at the same time identifying and identifying the tradition and tradition of the more than hundred-year-old institution.

Excerpt from the press release

“Communication has always been at the heart of any activity,” explains FIP President Giovanni Petrucci. “Today, Federbasket is changing its visual identity, not to detach itself from the past, but to expand it and bring it into the future. In today’s world, it is important not to stand still and constantly evolve. It is the only way for the association to master the diverse challenges. ”

FIP logo - before and after
FIP logo – before and after, image source: FIP, image montage: German

The logo has been redesigned from scratch. The word mark now consists of the abbreviation “FIP”, the figurative mark was created in the form of a shield. The Italian tricolor is shown in the title of the figurative mark. The line structure of the shield, which is open on both sides, captures the ribbed panel shape typical of a basketball, see illustration. The word and the figurative mark are now arranged below each other.

According to the association, the redesign will make it possible to improve the digital presence of especially FIP. The relaunch of the website ( is scheduled for July 2022. The Milan agency BestBefore2065 is responsible for the creation.


In the past, I have been criticized several times in dt for how unimaginative sports clubs, clubs and leagues often are in terms of their logos. If slanted letters are combined with an almost 1-to-1 representation of the gaming device, as with DEL, GFL or DBB, then it appears rather weak and powerless. In the case of sports clubs, the obligatory integration of the sponsor’s logo anchored in the contract often prevents the creation of a real idea and thus an original sign (see Ratiopharm Ulm, medi Bayreuth, s.Oliver Würzburg, etc.). In 17 out of 18 logos from the teams currently playing in the German basketball league, a representation of a basketball is included. For comparison: In the Bundesliga, there are only two clubs that use a picture of a football in their logo (Union Berlin and RB Leipzig).

In this context, there is no need for the obvious, belonging to a sport, on the visual level To explain have to. Fans, spectators, employees, investors and partners know what sport their club is active in. The goal should therefore be to unify the brand in such a way in terms of content, language and visuals that it can be distinguished from others, as keywords are differentiation , special features / USP, added value, storytelling.

Fortunately, much has changed in this regard in recent years. Clubs like Juventus Turin, clubs like Volleyball Ireland and France Judo, the Australian A-Leagues or the Icelandic national football teams go to great lengths to ensure that their brands are independent, concise and recognizable. If a brand is actually rethought from scratch, as is now the case with FIP, visually appealing results are almost inevitable, or at least the chance of creative solutions increases. It is already a new quality standard that the association sets with its new logo. Therefore, in my opinion, the revised logo of the Italian national team, which was presented by FIP five years ago, should be questioned.

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