Langeoog: Children under the age of 12 are no longer allowed in this restaurant

Restaurant ban
Langeoog: Children under the age of 12 are no longer allowed in this restaurant

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Children are no longer welcome in the restaurant “Bunte Kuh” on Langeoog. The first negative reviews are already arriving. Owner Gerald Hausmann told about his reasons in an interview with RTL.

The restaurant’s website already makes it clear that children under the age of twelve are no longer allowed to visit the restaurant: “Our restaurant is located in Hotel mare Suites & Apartments Adults only 12+”, it says.

Restaurant at Langeoog prohibits children from entering

Gerald Hausmann has run the hotel restaurant “Bunte Kuh” on Langeoog for ten years. First, he makes it clear: “My co-workers, my wife and I love children. I myself have two,” he explains in an interview with RTL. “But for safety reasons, we have decided not to let children under the age of 12 into our restaurant. We do not want them to be harmed in our restaurant.”

The reason: “Our restaurant is very small. There is no parking space for prams,” and there is “no escape.” Some dishes would be served on 400 degree hot stones. In addition, some things would be flambéed directly at the table. “Young children are not doing well,” he explains. He is afraid that a child will hurt himself.

Restaurant operator gets offended online as a “child hater”.

In addition, some hotel guests would have liked less noise from children, a survey among guests shows. The restaurateur is now being attacked online for his decision and insulted as “child hater”. Second boycott the restaurant.

There is already sharp criticism of the decision on “Tripadvisor” and Google reviews. It says: “No more children allowed. No children! Children under 12 are no longer welcome. It’s a shame. It should be banned by law. We will not return.” A: e other: r User: in writes: “Where children are excluded, one should not go out and eat more. Unfortunately, adults easily forget that they themselves were once a child.” [sic]. Some comments go even further: “Children from the age of 12. When do foreigners not come? Discrimination” [sic].

The only thing he cares about is the well-being of the children

“Calling us child haters and possibly xenophobia hurts me and my family a lot,” the restaurateur says worriedly. “My employees also feel degraded.” The only thing he cares about is protecting the kids. In his other restaurants on Langeoog, children would be entertained: “There are children’s meals, play areas with toys.”

Hausmann is supported by Birgit Kolb-Binder, chairman of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association in East Frisia (Dehoga). You do not understand the excitement. “Each colleague must decide for themselves how they run their restaurant and what their target audience is. It is dangerous to serve dishes with hot stones,” she says. It is perfectly legitimate to leave children outside. There are also so-called adult hotels, just as there are children’s hotels.

Some parents understand

Another case in which children under the age of 12 were excluded from a restaurant in Dierhagen was hotly debated in our Urbia community. However, the decision of the operators was accepted much more positively. Nearly 60 percent of users gave their assent to the decision. It said, among other things: “I think it’s okay, I should not take my children everywhere.” Or, “I think that’s fine, because there are really children who behave like the ax in the woods, and their parents do nothing.”

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