growney manages your assets automatically – get a bonus of 100 euros now!

Robo Advisor growney gives you easy access to the capital market. With just a few clicks, you can save small amounts for your future. And with our coupon code “BF1000622” you will receive a bonus of 100 euros.

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Start building wealth for your future now! With ETF savings plan from robo advisor growney it is also possible for you to invest in over 5,000 stocks and bonds from 45 countries in an uncomplicated way and without any specialist knowledge.

If you like new customer monthly at least 50 euros (for 12 months) or a lump sum of EUR 5,000 (which remains in the investment target for 12 months) create, you get with the exclusive Coupon code “BF1000622” a bonus of 100 euros. Be quick, it’s worth it: the campaign is valid only until 30/06/2022.

Check out your growney ETF savings plan:

  • growney ETF savings plan with a bonus of 100 euros
  • Coupon code: “BF1000622”
  • Here is the offer
  • Stiftung Warentest test winner and 3 times in a row financial tip recommendation
  • Simple, digital and transparent investment: growney takes care of the selection and redistribution of securities
  • Individual investment strategy and appropriate risk-return ratio
  • Sustainable investment strategies are also available
  • Monthly minimum investment 50 euros or lump sum 5,000 euros
  • Minimum period 12 months
  • 0 euro deposit and account administration fees, 0 euro order fees
  • Automatic rebalancing, detailed performance reports
  • Customer service via phone, email and chat
  • Low fee: from only 0.38 percent pa
  • Flexible deposits and withdrawals possible at any time
  • A possible alternative to calling money / fixed deposit / savings account

growney’s robo-advisor is the test winner
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Modern savings – how it works:

  • Click on our button “Here for the offer”.
  • Click “Create Now” and answer growney’s questions. This is how the financial experts determine your individual portfolio.
  • Create your account and after entering your personal data enter Coupon code BF1000622 on.
  • Confirm your information and open your account.
  • You will receive your bonus of 100 EUR at the end of the 13th investment month.

What is a Robo Advisor?

The common term robo-advisor describes online applications that automatically invest money over the internet be able to. The offers are not explicitly aimed at investment professionals. You ought to especially beginners make it easier to get started and offer a time-saving, cost-effective and long-term investment strategy.

Robo Advisors’ investment strategies are based on Algorithms and scientific knowledge. They constantly monitor the stock market and calculate when and what adjustments to the investment are needed to achieve the highest possible return in the long run. Further information is available here.

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Even with a small investment, you can make money.
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growney’s service for everything to do with your ETF savings plan

Robo Advisor’s test winner growney offers you a wide range of benefits, and the principle is ingeniously simple! First, a short questionnaire will be sent to you individual investment professionalI research – and then you hardly have to worry about anything!

growney always keeps an eye on which ETFs are most beneficial to your savings plan and automatically redirects them to fit your profile if necessary. Unlike many banks, growney does not charge a fee for this. Moreover, you are completely flexible and you can make a deposit or withdrawal at any time.

These services are free for you at growney:

  • Custody and account management
  • order fees
  • Fund selection and monitoring
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Customer service via phone, email and chat

In your personal profile on, you can follow how your savings plan develops, what the current value of your portfolio is and how high the return is. You can open an individual account, a joint account or a company account. You can also use private banking offers with favorable terms. Each account and each portfolio is eligible for a savings plan.

There is little or no interest on classic savings products like call money or time deposits. In addition, current inflation costs German savers billions. If there is one surefire way to beat inflation over a long period of time, it is to invest in stocks, mutual funds or stock-based ETFs.

With the digital, intelligent asset manager growney, you can build long-term assets in an uncomplicated way and without specialist knowledge, thus securing your future easily and efficiently.

The investment strategy of the financial service provider is based on passive index funds (ETFs), which invests for you individually and widely diversified in over 5000 securities from 45 countries around the world.

that exclusive 100 euro bonus you will be credited as soon as you have created a savings of at least 50 euros per month or a one-time investment of at least 5,000 euros with a minimum period of 12 months.

that A one-time payment or the first savings must be made no later than 40 days after the account is opened deposited in the clearing account of the growney depository in Sutor Bank (Max Heinr. Sutor oHG).

that bonus will be transferred to the first active investment target by the end of the 13th investment month, no later than 6 October 2023.

About our partner growney

growney is one of the largest digital asset managers in germany. Robo-advisor growney is the only provider with the rating “very good” (1.3) in the economic test edition 07/21.

With the simple and digital investment from growney, private and business clients invest in an individually tailored and broadly diversified ETF portfolio. The ETFs that growney is considering include up to 5,000 securities in more than 40 countries. Sustainable investment strategies based on ESG criteria are also available. With just one account, different investment goals can be set up and managed at growney, for example for building assets, pension or family.

growney has already received several awards for its investment strategies, low cost and good service, including the rating “very good” of the Stiftung Warentest (economic test 07/21, investment of € 100,000). growney has also received top marks in tests of Handelsblatt, Wirtschaftswoche, Capital, ntv, Chip, Stern, FocusMoney, Finanztip and Euro am Sonntag.

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