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In the practical circus at the State Garden Show in Neuchâtel, children become active as artists. Accompanied by acrobat Katrin Hailer.

Moves smoothly, changes roles and much more – 26-year-old acrobat Katrin Haller wants to offer all this to the kids from the area and inspire them to circus: “I’m really happy to pass it on, this enthusiasm, this energy, that do something together. The pyramid, for example. You can only do it together. “

The triple mother Lara Schmidt comes from Müllheim. The 35-year-old is looking forward to the afternoon with his children Theo, Tabea and Elisa. First the playground – then the practical circus at LGS Neuchâtel: “I am incredibly grateful that they are active and not couch potatoes. They always feel like exercise – in terms of strength it is quite a challenge for us as parents.”

Active children require a great deal of effort from their parents. For Lara Schmidt’s children from Müllheim, LGS Neuenburg offers many opportunities to frolic and be creative.


The family comes here several times a week because Lara Schmidt has season tickets. She still has to pay five euros for parking, but she can at least take her children and friends with her for free. Nevertheless, the high prices rank: 19 euros ordinary admission – for parents with little money it is too much, she thinks.

“I often take children with me if parents can’t afford it. Because it’s really a great place for the kids to let off steam.”

Let go of the steam, try yourself – the practical circus is just right for children. It’s free, especially if you have a season ticket like Lara Schmidt: “I think it’s great because everyone has the chance to take a look and get to know it.”

Call ready for children in the practical circus at LGS Neuenburg (Photo: SWR)

The practical circus at LGS Neuenburg is just right for children who love to be active, says Lara Schmidt from Müllheim.


Then Tabea and the others can finally go in the ring. Katrin Hailer distributes the children to fit the pyramid: the strong ones at the bottom and the lighter ones at the top. The experienced acrobat knows exactly what to say so that each child finds his role in the difficult human pyramid. Instruct, accompany, encourage – the educator clearly enjoys it.

“The children become more confident and can then get more involved. You can see a development in a short time. And they always like to show it.”

The 26-year-old goes to a circus school himself. Only a few kilometers away from the Statens Havebrugsudstilling. “Cirque Intense” was allowed to pitch its tent here four years ago. It’s a kind of preparatory school for aspiring artists, says Katrin Hailer, and “the only project in Germany that enables me to train artistry so intensively. Circus is not just a sport for me. You come together and you create something together. That’s what makes me so happy. “

Call ready for children in the practical circus at LGS Neuenburg (Photo: SWR)

The Neuchâtel artist attends the circus school “Cirque Intense” and wants to pass on his love of circus and artistry to children.


Katrin Hailer wants to pass on the circus joy to the children and also make her school more famous in Neuchâtel. They already have a fan – Lara Schmidt: “I think the circus has a magic that is passed on to the children. They forget space and time, and I find this participation extremely important. Especially after all these corona closures and after the long isolation. “

And then comes the highlight of the practical circus at the LGS Neuchâtel: the performance in the manege. The tension is rising – a voilà – the difficult human pyramid has been successfully completed!

Call ready for children in the practical circus at LGS Neuenburg (Photo: SWR)

The challenge for the performance in the ring has been mastered: children present the difficult human pyramid in LGS Neuchâtel’s practical circus.


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