Bamberg athletes support new children’s and youth hospice with “Star Tent Run”

Charity race “Star Tent Run” on May 28 and 29, 2022 at Fuchs Park Stadium

Throughout the night for a good cause

Mayor Jonas Glüsenkampf after his race. Photo: Sam Schaudienst

Runs 24 hours a day for a good cause – thats it basic idea by “Star Canopy Run” by Saturday the 28th and Sunday the 29th of May 2022 in Bamberg Fuchs Park Stadium. This was the recipient of the event Children and young people hospicewhich is in Bamberg currently under construction. Over 4,700 km was the sum that gathered all participants on the course and thus together with the donations from Bamberg companies united almost five-digit amount served for a good cause.

“I’m totally overwhelmed!” Daniel Deuber, co-organizer, moderator, runner and in the future one of the leading doctors at the children’s and youth hospice was on site for a full 24 hours in Fuchs Park Stadium. “What the athletes have achieved here cannot put into words.”

Bamberg Children and Youth Hospice

Congratulations from Prime Minister Melanie Huml to overall winner Elke Beierlieb. Photo: Sam Schaudienst

overall winner was with incredible Run 184.4 kilometers Every Beierlieb from LG Veitenstein. on place 2 followed Rita Gottleuber With 156.8 km Before Dominik Munch With 151.2 km. In the relays, Böhnlein Sports beat LG Veitenstein (238 km) and “pediatricians Bamberg” (207.2 km) by 258 km.

Bamberg Children and Youth Hospice

ran 24 hours in a row. Briefly rest on the massage table before continuing. Photo: Sam Schaudienst

At the end of the day, all participants and above all the children and youth hospice Bamberg were the true winners of the 1st Star Tent Race. This was also emphasized by Bamberg’s second mayor Jonas Glüsenkampwho not only gave the starting shot for the run, but also completed a few kilometers on the track himself, “sponsored” by BI-LOG’s CEO Herbert Trunk, who “earned silver” for every mile the mayor ran. “I’m glad of the incredible commitment from all the participants. You are not only doing something good for yourself, but above all for people for whom fate has not been kind.

“Star Tent Run” supports the child and youth hospice, which is currently under construction and should be completed by mid-2023. As the health insurance companies only partially cover the cost of a hospice stay, the Bamberg hospice is acutely dependent on donations.

Bamberg Children and Youth Hospice

Mayor Jonas Glüsenkamp (right) with “godfather” Heribert Trunk and his wife. Photo: Sam Schaudienst

Besides Jonas Glüsenkamp, ​​there were many other personalities on the way for the good cause. Wolfgang Heydermultifunctional in matters of sport and politics collected donations as diligently as the former German half marathon champion Leni Schömburg-Heuck. In addition, there were many Bamberg company as Fuchs Bakery, Böhnlein Butcher, Denscheilmann + Wellein, Stadtwerke, Wieland or Heller-Bräu do not hesitate to participate in the race with donations in kind. In total, almost 150 active people were drawn to the course within 24 hours.

The last countdown on Sunday afternoon at 14.00, performed by Secretary of State Melanie Humlthere is hardly anything else to add: “What the entire organizational team has achieved here is second to none. Bamberg’s clubs and athletes have shown hand in hand what holds a community together. To stand together for those who need help. Many thank you for this great event, ”said Melanie Huml.

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