Youth and politics Rees: Reeser children and young people get involved

In the second attempt, it should now be possible to interest children and young people in politics and give them the opportunity to participate.

More than 20 years ago, the goal was to give children and young people in the city of Rees a voice. A youth council was set up where young people could participate politically. But the young people could not get used to the whole procedure of invitations, agendas, permanent positions for two years. It was incredibly difficult to find young people who wanted to get involved. After only a few years, the youth counseling was scrapped again.
But it is in Rees’ political will that children and young people should have the opportunity to contribute ideas to their city. However, this should not happen within the framework of an advisory board, but in collaboration with the Reeser youth centers. A low-threshold offer must be created in the individual districts, so that children, young people and young people can easily find a contact person to get rid of their ideas. Contact persons are Norman Gebbing-Koltsch at Remix Youth Center in Rees, Vesila Sürücü at JiM Youth Center in Millingen, Benedikt Kosel at Haldern Evangelical Youth Center, Hanni Peters at KOT St. Georg Haldern and Beatrix Krusen in Relaxx youth. association. The amalgamation of youth centers is called “Jugendnetzwerk Rees”.
Ungehuset Remix, as a municipal facility, handles the function as a contact surface between children, young people and the youth centers on the one hand and the city administration and political bodies on the other. To make the youth network better known, a website was set up, information was shared on social media and a flyer was made. The action is described in a few striking sentences: “What is it? Ree’s youth network is an association of Ree’s youth centers! There you will find a contact person with whom you can always share your ideas to help shape the project. Then we take your idea to the city administration and together we consider how and when the project can be implemented. ” It all runs under the heading “Your city, your area, your ideas” and the hashtag “#wirmischmit”.
The concept has already been implemented in two cases in Rees. The young people are no longer satisfied with the skate park at the school center. Some ramps are defective, other devices can only be used by absolute professionals because they are too heavy. Students would like repairs and replacement of some superstructures there. The second point of criticism is the missing markings of the volleyball court on the remix. Both proposals have since been passed on to the city administration by Normann Gebbing-Koltsch. There will soon be a meeting on the spot, to which the young people will also be invited. “The young people place special emphasis on being involved and being able to come up with their suggestions for changes, especially for the skate park,” explains Gebbing-Koltsch.
On June 12, there is a summer festival with a children’s flea market in the youth house Remix. 11.00-15.00 the children can become wiser on the youth network in addition to glitter tattoos, play stations and disco bouncy castles. Otherwise, relevant information is available on the website, on Instagram under “jugendnetzwerkrees” or on Facebook “jugendnetzwerk rees”.

Dirk Kleinwegen / Stadtanzeiger Emmerich-Rees-Isselburg

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