Toyota Aygo X comes with more space and SUV design

Whether mobile nursing or pizza speedster – cheap little cars are not outdated. But more and more manufacturers are leaving the segment. Only Toyota is now left with a new Aygo.

Ford Ka is history, Peugeot has discontinued its 107, just like Citroen its C1, and VW Up is only available as an electric car. Apparently, the heyday of small cars is over. As the cost of assistance systems and exhaust gas cleaning skyrocket, more and more manufacturers are withdrawing from this league.

Affordable urban runs in particular are becoming scarce and nursing services or pizza delivery services need to be changed. However, Toyota proves once again that it has the courage to leave a gap and launches a new small car. Aygo is now celebrating a comeback with prices starting at 15,390 euros.

Crisp crossover with more space

However, the third generation of the Aygo has nothing to do with the simple economic model of the past. With rustic bumpers, plastic planks on the wheel arches and a contrasting finish, it looks a bit like an SUV. The Japanese have also raised the seating position by almost six centimeters, thus improving the overview. In line with the new style, the name has now been added an X.

In addition, the Aygo is also a bit longer. Instead of the previous 3.46 meters, it now measures 3.70 meters. It therefore provides a bit more space at the rear, so the rear seat is no longer a rudeness, at least for children. In addition, the stem grows. At 269 liters, it now holds 60 liters more than before.

Based on the big brother

The technical basis for this is provided by the big brother Yaris, from which Toyota takes over the platform. The Japanese, however, have shortened them noticeably. In terms of wheelbase and length, there are about 20 inches between the two small cars. Nevertheless, you can see that they are related, especially when it comes to equipment.

With its big brother behind it, the Aygo X offers a few extras that are rarely found in this class. This includes, for example, the colored LED display behind the steering wheel, the seat heating, the LED headlights and the tray for wireless charging of mobile phones. There is also an app that you can use to gain remote access to the vehicle. Only the large amount of hard plastic in the cockpit and on the consoles still testifies to the price pressure that prevails in this segment.

No progress

The Japanese only use the predecessor for the drive and use the one-liter three-cylinder again. It was not a top performance before, and with 53 kW / 72 hp and 92 Nm, it is even harder with the larger car.

Although the chassis has improved significantly. The body also looks much more stable, and a top speed of 158 km / h should be quite sufficient for such a car. But in the hustle and bustle of the big city, where the little ones tend to make it big, the Aygo X looks paler than expected. From zero to 100 km / h in 15.6 seconds – that hardly qualifies him as mayor. With its extremely small turning circle of 9.40 meters, it certainly has certain advantages in city traffic.

Other engines are not to be expected

Unlike its big brother, the Aygo X can hardly be expected to have other engines. Sporting devices are excluded from the start due to the lack of demand. A diesel with high torque would be too expensive, and even hybrids are excluded at Toyota in this class. At least in terms of consumption, it is acceptable. Because with 4.8 liters and CO2 emissions of 108 g / km, the Aygo is also one of the most economical internal combustion engines.

And there is at least one alternative to the driveline: if you want, you can get a CVT gearbox instead of the five-speed manual gearbox for 1,200 euros, but this has traditionally only had a few friends in Germany.

Conclusion: Male until you become an adult

Even with 14 centimeters more, the Aygo X is still one of the small cars and is a true rarity there as a new version. But with the proximity to the SUV and the shift to big brother’s platform, it’s growing a bit out of the segment. The image guardian from Japan proves larger size in various respects: in the dimensions as well as in the mood and the equipment. Only the drive lacks a power boost.

Datasheet: Toyota Aygo X

motor and drive

Three-cylinder petrol engine



Maximum power:

53 kW / 72 hp

Max. torque:

93 Nm


Front wheel drive


Five-speed manual transmission

mass and weight


3700 mm


1740 mm


1510 mm


2430 mm

dead weight:

1015 kg


345 kg

trunk volume:

269-829 liters

Driving data:

Top speed:

158 km / h

Acceleration 0-100 km / h:

15.6 sec

Average consumption:

4.8 liters / 100 km


730 km

CO2 emissions:

108g / km



emission class:


Energy efficiency class:



Base price of Toyota Aygo X:

15,390 euros

type of classes:


Vehicle tax:

46 euros / year

Important standard equipment:


Six airbags, cruise control, fatigue warning


Air conditioning, infotainment display, power windows in front

All data according to manufacturer, GDV, Schwacke

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