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The foundation uses art to promote peace and preserve the heritage of the war-torn country

DAVOSSwitzerland, May 21, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Free Ukraine Foundation hosts May 25 in davosSwitzerland, a special charity event where a number of works of art by Ukrainian artists will be auctioned off to raise funds and support the peacekeeping mission for Ukraine and to support the people who live there. The event is held in collaboration with the Mriya Art Mission, which works to preserve Ukrainian art, support local artists and protect the cultural heritage of the country.

To develop the NFTs, the Free Ukraine Foundation is collaborating with Mint Werx, a leading NFT creative and production studio. Mint Werx designs, creates and launches a series of three high quality NFTs combined with exclusive unique physical artworks to be auctioned off to mark the event. These NFTs show the work of Artem Shestakovand i Ukraine born and world-renowned artist and photographer, who is best known for his nature and landscape paintings. The physical work of art is signed and numbered by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity.

We stand firm in our mission of cultural diplomacy for peace and are honored to welcome our valued guests to the event and help raise awareness and support for the preservation of culture in Ukraine in these difficult times, “said Andrey Kolodyuk, co-founder of the Free Ukraine Foundation. Mriya Arts’ mission is to promote the culture of Ukraine to defend and secure their existence by protecting art, music, paintings and theater that are important to the soul of the soul Ukraine are so important, but threatened by the chaos of war. “

The charity event will be held on Wednesday, May 25 from 6 p.m. 21-23 CEDT at Decentralized web gatewayinstead of. The multi-day event is dedicated to the benefits of decentralization and is hosted by FilecoinFoundation.

For more information on the Free Ukraine Foundation and the Mriya Art Mission, visitwebsitethe organization.

Information about Free Ukraine Foundation
The Free Ukraine Foundation was established to work for peace and to support the world’s efforts to Ukraine to help with the invasion and the threat to their way of life from abroad. The foundation runs a number of initiatives for the population in Ukraine including humanitarian aid, dissemination of information, peaceful mobilization, jobs and education, and reconstruction assistance. For more information,

Information about Mint Werx
Mint Werx is a leading NFT creative and production studio that develops strategies and turnkey solutions for brands and creators. Harnessing the power of sustainable blockchain technologies, Mint Werx delivers innovative, scalable and unique dynamic NFTs and platforms that produce, emboss and enable lifelong authentic digital expression. Through these solutions, MintWerx simplifies and unifies a complex range of technologies to strengthen ownership and build successful relationships between collectors, consumers, communities and culture. Mint Werx is a business entity of Fusion92 (, a leading independent marketing innovation company founded in 1999 and based in Chicago. More information

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