Kresch Theater performs vampire musicals for children

Børnemusical premieres in Krefeld
The vampires will soon be singing in kresh

Michaela Christl has developed a musical for children with eleven children. “With a bite!” premieres at the Kresch Theater this weekend. Why young actors prefer ketchup rather than staging blood capsules.

The kids decided on ketchup because the strawberry-flavored blood capsules were way too sweet for them: Vampires play a not insignificant role in the new piece “My Biss!”. And of course, they have to have the right blood. The city’s children’s musical at the Kresch Theater has come up with a fantastic story about a boarding school with vampires, werewolves and a completely normal girl. The premiere is on Saturday, June 4 at 5 pm in the Heeder factory.

With music, dance and language, eleven children between the ages of eight and twelve (one of them soon birthday and turning 13) bring the musical to the stage. Actress Michaela Christl directed the film. Children could experience her on stage in “Frau Holle”, young people and adults in “Der Trafikant” or with “Historiske Kvinder”.

For more than two years, it’s been about “With a bite!”. The enormous duration of the preparations is due to Corona. Michaela Christl has also done a lot online with the kids. A boy, for example, in the back seat of the car on his way on holiday, joined in via audio so he could definitely be there when the ideas were developed.

It is not only important for Michaela Christl that the children contribute their ideas, but also for director Isolde Wabra and Helmuth Wenderoth. He calls Christl in a gender-fair way “enabler”. And that’s exactly how it works. Christl gives the children an impetus, thus creating a foundation on which the children can build, discover their opportunities and their talents. And finally, there are applause. “That’s what the kids want,” Christl says, “to be proud of their achievement and get applause from their parents.” Isolde Wabra: “It strengthens children’s self-confidence.” submitted when they wanted to interview the mayor. For the first ten minutes, they explained the play and their roles to him without hesitation.

Christl invented the story earlier and now continues to write it with the children: “Together we are the writers,” she says. The story goes like this: A girl did something really bad – she set fire to the teacher’s Porsche along with her class work. Therefore, the parents send it to a boarding school for vampires and werewolves. The mother says, “Vampires and werewolves are people like you and me.” Whether this is true is of course not revealed here.

So the human child must find his way between black-clad vampires and red-clad werewolves must come to terms with “being different” and “being misunderstood”. The kids talked a lot about this and are now showing how they implement it with games, dance and music. “I’m glad we’re given the chance to make it happen,” Christl says of the new city children’s musical. It belongs in the ranks of participatory theater at Kresch – it means nothing more than: being there, participating, sharing your own ideas with others. And again and again try to look at things with different eyes: The adults see the children’s fantastic world – and vice versa.

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