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The 72-year-old is the inventor of “Ritter Trenk” and “Children from the Seagull Trail”: Kirsten Boie has long been one of the most important and most popular children’s and youth book authors in Germany.

Her books are flooded with prizes: in 2007 she received the special prize of the German Youth Literature Prize for her collected works. However, this is far from over.

Stories on liposuction paper

Kirsten Boie has written more than 100 children’s and youth books – and is still engaged.

Kirsten Boie was born on March 19, 1950 in Hamburg. As a five-year-old, the hamburger already wrote stories on liposuction paper and loved the books of Astrid Lindgren and Enid Blyton. “I was an anxious child, reading helped me get over my fears. It was great to dive into other worlds. I felt safe there,” she told “Zeit Magazine” in 2015. After graduating high school seeking she first enters medical school, but then reflects on her love of literature. From 1969 to 1974 she studied German and English and received her doctorate in literary studies on Bertolt Brecht’s early prose.

The first book “Paule ist ein Glücksgriff” will be a success

Boie initially teaches at a high school, but then switches to an extensive school of his choice. It was a key experience for her, she told “Zeit Magazine” in 2015: “I was shocked by the differences. Before then, I had not been aware of how completely different living conditions for children in our country are and how strong their development is. characteristic. “

She started writing after adopting her son because the youth office forbade her to continue working as a teacher. In 1985, her first book “Paule ist ein Glücksgriff” was published, which tells the story of a dark-skinned adopted child, and which immediately becomes a success. “Paule ist ein Glücksgriff” receives excellent reviews and is included in the selection list for the German Youth Literature Prize.

“Children from the Seagull Way” and “Ritter Trenk”

To date, Kirsten Boie has written more than 100 books for children and young people of almost all ages – from picture books to stories for beginners to youth books. Particularly famous is her “Children from the Seagull Trail”, which shows that you can not only experience a happy childhood in Astrid Lindgren’s “Büllerbü”. In February 2020, on the occasion of the series ’20th birthday, the anthology “We all on the seagull path” was published with three stories about the girl Tara and her neighbors’ children.

“Ritter Trenk” and “Pirate Moses” are also among Boie’s most famous works. There are also books for older children such as “Alhambra”, “Ringel Rangel Rosen” or “Schwarze Lügen”.

Great commitment to promoting reading

The teachers use Kirsten Boie’s books for German lessons, and her works have also been translated into other languages. The author, who is also involved with the Goethe-Institut, writes several radio plays and scripts for the ZDF children’s series “Siebenstein”. Promoting reading is particularly important to her: In 2018, she, along with other Hamburg celebrities, launched the “Hamburg Declaration”. nationwide petition, in which she – with a view to every fifth ten-year-old in Germany being functionally illiterate – calls for a reading promotion offensive on the part of politicians. More than 119,000 people sign the petition.

A number of awards honor their work

Kirsten Boie (M), author of books for young people, receives the certificate of honorary citizenship in the city of Hamburg by Peter Tschentscher (l, SPD), Hamburg's first mayor, and Carola Veit (SPD), chairman of the Hamburg parliament © picture alliance / Daniel Reinhardt Photo : Daniel Reinhardt

Kirsten Boie (center) receives the certificate of honorary citizenship in the city from the Mayor of Hamburg Peter Tschentscher (left) and Carola Veit (right), Speaker of the Hamburg Parliament.

Kirsten Boie has received a number of awards for her work and commitment: in 2008 she received, for example, the German Academy for Children and Youth Literature’s main prize and in 2011 Gustav Heinemann’s Peace Prize for “Rings, Rangel, Rosen”. That same year, she was awarded the Cross of Merit 1st Class by the Federal President. In 2019, she received the Zurich Children’s Book Prize for her cheerful family story “Summer in Sommerby”, where three siblings spend a summer without a mobile phone with their hitherto unknown grandmother.

Seagull Trail Foundation for Children in Swaziland

Kirsten Boie visits the NDR radio game production

Many of Kirsten Boie’s books are also set to music as radio games. For example, “Thabo and the Nashornfall”, which was adapted for NDR Info in 2018.

The author, who lives with her husband and their two adopted children in Barsbüttel in Schleswig-Holstein, focuses several times on social issues. In 2011, in collaboration with Hamburg’s homeless magazine “Hinz und Kunzt”, she described the fate of a man who ends up on the streets as a result of unemployment, for a children’s book on the subject of homelessness entitled “Ein mittelschönes Leben”.

In 2013, she received the “Luchs” children’s and youth book prize for the volume “There are things that can not be told”, which is about AIDS orphans in Swaziland in southern Africa. With her Möwenweg Foundation, which she co-founded with her husband in 2015, she is committed to the education, care and accommodation of children in the country.

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