Harald Glööckler turns 57: The designer celebrates his birthday with many celebrities

Harald Glööckler celebrated his birthday, and of course a number of celebrities were also invited. The party took place in a “royal setting”.

Kirchheim – Congratulations on Böörthday, dear Harald! If anyone can celebrate pompously, then style icon Harald Glööckler. And when the eccentric designer and TV star invites to his 57th birthday on May 30, it is clear that “Chateau Pompöös” in Kirchheim will be luxurious. MANNHEIM24 were right in the middle and threw themselves into the celebrity match.

Last name Harald Glöckler
Born May 30, 1965 (age 57), Maulbronn
spouse Dieter Schroth (married 2015)

Harald Glööckler turns 57: The designer celebrates his birthday with many celebrities

Even the invitation announced great things: A garden party in a “royal setting” in the stately property (1,400 square meters) with an award-winning, well-kept park and pool. And besides many celebrities, the sun also laughed with the host Harald Glööckler, who previously also liked to be portrayed as the sun king Ludwig XIV, reports MANNHEIM24.

Although there was an official invitation to the “Coffee Afternoon”, one or two glasses of 2018 sparkling wine were obviously not to be missed to toast for the dazzling anniversary and celebrate him properly. We ate, sorry, princely on the finest English lawn in proper style from the self-designed Glööckler service – only genuine with the gold edge and the small crown. Finger food, donuts, mini muffins and pretzels were served.

Harald Glööckler celebrates his birthday: No gift from her husband Dieter Schroth

Days before his birthday, cult designer Glööckler flew by private jet from his second home in Berlin to Frankfurt to celebrate it with her husband Dieter Schroth (73) and many friends, celebrities and business partners in his villa in the Palatinate. Chic private jets, which the multi-talented Glööckler himself styled.

Speaking of “Mr. Schroth”, which the designer recently talked about again: Glööckler did not receive a gift from her husband, who was sitting in the front yard under a pavilion lot in the background all day long. But this is always the case because we have not given each other anything for years, says Glööckler.

Harald Glööckler pampers himself with new lips for his birthday

When Glööckler looks at the thick bling on his fingers, Glööckler jokes: “Such stones you can always lay in my way.” Already in advance, to compensate for the party preparations, Glööckler had enjoyed the sun on Weinstrasse and taken a bath of his own. Swimming pool in his huge garden and new lips from the beautician in Frankenthal.

Harald Glööckler makes a celebrity pot on his 57th birthday

A famous group of guests from “politics, showbiz and business” personally gave their respect to the fashion guru for congratulating him. About 90 guests are invited to the “Chateau Pompöös” in Kirchheim. Including Glööckler’s former “I’m a star – get me out of here!” Comrade-in-arms Manuel Flickinger.

He comes not only in an extravagant outfit with wings, but also with a cockroach necklace. Ex-“Bachelor” candidate Linda Nobat (27) and singers Kathy Kelly (59) and Lou (58) were there (more news about celebrities & TV on RUHR24).

Glööckler’s personal fitness trainer David Münch was also present. Did the 27-year-old model athlete who accompanied Glööckler to the RTL jungle camp in South Africa make sure that his protégé did not eat too much cake? Probably not … After all, the two train regularly – if necessary via Skype.

Ex-jungle campers Linda Nobat and Manuel Flickinger were also at Harald Glööckler’s birthday party.

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Harald Glööckler does not care about birthdays – but friends and family are important to him

In an interview, Glööckler then explains that such a day of honor “means nothing” to him. He was probably most looking forward to his 18th birthday when he was of age: “I could finally get away from my old husband.” That means his father, who is responsible for Glööckler’s mother’s violent death, and who also treated him badly.

On his four-story cake, which he also cut, in addition to a mandatory crown adorned a golden 30. In general, he almost poetically doubts the calendar. Much more important on a day like this is that he gets along with family and friends. In addition to an aunt, two schoolmates were among the guests.

Harald Glööckler is 57 years old – several celebrities congratulate him

TV star Julian FM Stöckel (35) greets from afar via Instagram: “Dear Harald Glööckler – I wish you all the best, happy birthday! Good luck, health and success. I’m happy for your year of friendship, your trust and your loyalty. “The former jungle camper continues:” You are a DIVA, wild, moody, non-conformist, but with a big heart and lots of love. I wish you all love in this world. Lots of kisses from Rome 😍❤️😘🎉🎉🎉 ”

On Monday night, Harald Glööckler continued with a private flight to Cologne, where the recordings for his RTL show “Our new animal home” will again have to wait on Tuesday (May 31). (point)

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