Children ask TV lawyer Ingo Lenßen holes in the stomach

by Joerg Schulz

Can the teacher forbid students to go to the toilet? Can my parents forbid me to watch movies over 18? Sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s small questions that burn on the soul of the youngest in society.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, Germany’s most famous TV lawyer, Ingo Lenßen (61), took the time to answer questions. Several students from Goethe High School in Kremmen could during a break in the recordings bother him with questions about their rights.

BZ was there exclusively and listened very carefully.

Lenßen is himself the father of a son (22, golfer). Children are very important to the lawyer.

His main advice: “My great credo to all parents when it comes to raising children: Give the children infinite love,” he says. “When you give a lot of love, you get a lot, a lot of trust. And trust is what children need. ”

Then the little ones would grow up with a lot of confidence and could easily make one mistake or another.

The TV star emphasizes: “But if you know you’ll always get caught and come back to the family bosom, then you are not doing too much nonsense.”

This is what the students Ingo Lenssen asks

Students at Goethegymnasiet in Kremmen Photo: Ralf Lutter

Ricky (16, 2nd from left): “May I defend myself with a knife if I get attacked?”

Ingo Lenssen: “One thing is clear: you can defend yourself. But it is also clear: You should not have a knife with you, because it is most likely a violation of the gun law. Let’s take a look at the United States, the last I am convinced that this free use of weapons will lead to more violence. “

Marie (16, 3rd from left): “I’m planning to make my own animation. May I use third party logos for this?”

Ingo Lenssen: “No. And it does not matter at all whether you want to make money on it or not. This is basically a violation of copyright law without permission from the author. For example, there is a logo for my beard that I had protected. Also the name ‘Lenßen & Partner’. If you were to use this for a flyer, for example, you must not do it. For private things yes, but it must not be done in public. It is the same with pictures. The right to your own picture “This is part of your personal rights. That’s why you can not post a picture of a friend online without their permission.”

Nele (13, 4th from left): “I have a career desire. I want to join the army. I was told by some people: You do not have to go to work. A girl belongs in the kitchen.”

Ingo Lenssen: “It’s incredible. Read a little about equality. So you can give such people the right answers right away. Men and women MUST be treated equally. This second shit belongs in the last century.”

Nina (15, 3rd from right): “Can the teacher forbid students to go to the toilet?”

Ingo Lenßen: “You should clearly show the children what rights they have so that they can enforce them. In such a case it would be: Of course, the child is allowed to relieve himself. Anytime!”

Alicia (13, 2nd from right): “Can a man touch a woman because she dressed a little more provocatively to the disco?”

Ingo Lenssen: “Well, a man has absolutely no right to just touch such a woman. Of course not the other way around either. The phrase: ‘She turned me on’ would leave me speechless. A woman can dress as she pleases. And it gives no right to do anything. “

Lean (12, r.): “May my parents forbid me to watch movies from when I was 18?”

Ingo Lenssen: “I think the age limit is right. When the kids are 14 or 16, one can talk about it if the parents watched the movies beforehand. My son watched Star Wars when he was six. It did him no harm. I know other kids who saw Pirates of the Caribbean when they were six and had nightmares about it. “

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