At ARD and ZDF, children are “indoctrinated”, “sexualized”

In an article for the newspaper “Welt” on Wednesday, scientists and doctors ask why children on the ARD and ZDF channels are “indoctrinated and – instead of age-appropriate sex education – intrusively sexualized”.

An appeal accompanying the article with about 100 first signatories claims from the public service broadcaster (ÖRR), “present biological facts and scientific results truthfully “. And further: “We demand a departure from the ideological approach to transsexuality and a fact-based presentation of biological facts according to the state of research and science. “

With a 50-page dossier, scientists and doctors substantiate their criticism of ARD and ZDF.

“Everyone can read the extent to which ÖRR’s reporting neither follows recognized journalistic principles nor is scientifically sound,” says Welt. “Our compilation documents misrepresentations and tendentious reporting, confusion of concepts and shifts of meaning: scientists and critics are not heard in many programs, dubious’ experts’, on the other hand, get a lot of space under the flimsy pretext of ‘tolerance’ ‘, while critical issues completely dispensed with. ”

The article mentions as an example: “In TV programs, radio reports and on ÖRR’s social media channels, ‘trans’ is also a constant theme – always based on the false statement about polysexuality.”

For example, it is “about the use of puberty blockers, administration of hormones of the opposite sex and surgical removal of the penis, breast and uterus. However, the serious and irreversible psychological and physical consequences of such measures are also not described at all or at best. is mentioned in passing. “

Even in “Send with the Mouse”, the report aims to “make claims from translobby groups heard, according to which one can change one’s biological gender by simply” identifying “oneself socially as that gender.

“This is no longer journalism,” was the conclusion of the researchers and doctors. “It’s just a staging of journalism” – which is also contrary to the State Media Treaty.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has repeatedly criticized gender ideology. It is a “fault of the human spirit” that is causing “confusion”, according to the Holy Father in 2015.

That same year, he asked “whether the so-called gender theory is not also an expression of frustration and resignation, which aims to blur the difference between the sexes because it no longer knows how to deal with it. Yes, we risk going backwards because eliminating the difference is the problem, not the solution. “

He clearly said in 2016:

In Europe, in America, in Latin America, in Africa, in some Asian countries, there is a real ideological colonialism. And one of these – I call it by its name – is gender theory! Today the kids – the kids! – Taught the school that everyone can choose their own gender. And why is this taught? Because the textbooks come from the people and institutions that give you the money. These are the forms of ideological colonialism that are also supported by very influential countries. And it’s awful.

He later explained that he was referring to “this evil,” “which gender theory indoctrinates with today.”

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