12 children who urgently need something for school or kindergarten tomorrow

This situation should be familiar to most parents. You’ve just gotten through the demanding family weekend and kept the kids busy for almost 48 hours – and just before the crime scene’s tune sounds Sunday night in the first, the kids let the bomb explode: “Mom, Dad, we’re going to school tomorrow and by the way. ! ” And then you sit as a parent at home on the couch in the middle of half-empty packages of chips and stuffed animals full of crumbs and you are close to ultimate despair, like the following 12 mothers and fathers who are probably still looking for dandelions, toilet paper rolls and unicorn dust.

# 1: Wonderful helpfulness, right?

# 2: It was not for nothing

# 3: What with a healthy diet does not apply to parents

# 4: Sometimes only prayer helps

# 5: Oh, if only that was it

# 6: Back then, toilet paper was more valuable than gold

# 7: No problem, but where do we get cookies from now on?

# 8: You just can not please some people …

# 9: Do we actually grow five different trees?

# 10: It’s just not easy

# 11: Better sweet than sour

# 12: Perfect timing

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