Winner in a long-term comparison: investify takes first place in the robo-advisor test

Real money test by Winner in a long-term comparison: invest in 1st place in the robo-advisor test

Robo adviser investify has once again taken first place in the real money test of the broker’s comparison portal. During the investment period of more than five years, investify has clearly left the competitors.

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The test for real money on the portal is a highly regarded position in the investment industry. For here it is shown in black and white which robo-advisors help their clients to achieve the highest return over different time periods.

In the current ranking, three providers stand out in particular: Cominvest, the robo-advisor to Comdirect Bank, has managed to achieve a return of eleven percent within the last twelve months – despite the price drop after the outbreak of the Ukraine war. However, cominvest had often not performed well in previous periods, and at times the comdirect robo was even at the bottom of the comparison with real money.

It shows how important it is to look at its investment over time, because after all, digital asset managers promise their clients long-term wealth building.

Invest with the highest five-year return

If you look at longer investment periods, other providers stand out: “Investify is particularly compelling for over 60 months,” reports The rolling performance between May 1, 2017 and April 30, 2022 is as much as 18.2 percent. VisualVest can almost keep up with 17.5 percent, all other long-term competitors are missing several percentage points.

investify keeps up well even in shorter investment periods. The return over four years is 16.7 percent, over three years it is 12.2 percent per year, although other robots occupy the top positions during these periods.

A forward-looking investment strategy, especially for prudent investors, also means that the so-called “pull-down” in bad stock market phases is as small as possible. In a broker comparison, the parameter “Maximum Drawdown” therefore reflects the maximum temporary loss that a portfolio has suffered during the period considered. A high maximum withdrawal means that investors have suffered particularly large losses on assets. This was the case, for example, with the robo-advisor Fidelity Wealth Expert from the fund company Fidelity, whose portfolio value has fallen by more than 11 percent within the last twelve months – more than any other provider. Investors who are particularly risk-averse should therefore make sure that their provider has previously had a low maximum drawdown.

Robos with the best risk-return ratio

If you are willing to take a moderate risk, you should strive for a balanced relationship between income opportunities and risk of loss. Broker comparison reflects this on a ratio called “return drawdown ratio”. The higher the value, the better the risk-return ratio. Over the past year, VisualVest (0.76) and Ginmon (0.73) have been compelling here, as has Robin, Deutsche Bank’s robot advisor, over a 24-month period. Wevest performed particularly well over a period of 36 months, and confirmor, the robo advisor for the savings bank subsidiary Deka, over 48 months. “Investify has been particularly impressive for more than 60 months,” praises Brokervergleich. Another proof of the good long-term management of the investify portfolio.

Would you also like to invest your money with the test winner investify? then follow this link to the application process and ideally you can get started as early as next week.

About investify (display)

Roboadvisor investify invests for you in all important asset classes in the world in collaboration with the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock. Based on your individual risk and target specifications, it can be, for example, equities, government bonds or corporate bonds. These are reflected in the basic investment via ETFs, which automatically spread the investment amount widely and thus do not take unnecessary risks. Only the best products will fit into your portfolio.

To ensure this, the achievement winner (real money test by, as of 05/2022) uses artificial intelligence, which systematically and objectively manages your portfolio. Your investment is constantly monitored and automatically adapted to the market situation.

The special thing about investify: themed investments

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In a nutshell: The most important information about investify

  • Digital asset manager that invests your money in cheap ETFs
  • Investment strategy based on your beliefs and risk tolerance
  • Widely diversified portfolio of ETF core investments and thematic investments
  • Experts analyze securities while monitoring the capital market on a daily basis
  • Over 20 exciting thematic investments (robotics, disruptive world, gold, 10xDNA fund by Frank Thelen and much more)
  • Low costs and flexible deposits and withdrawals
  • Savings plans from only 50 euros per month
  • New in the portfolio: blockchain technology
  • Become a customer now


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