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The Swiss telecommunications company Sunrise UPC, which emerged at the end of 2020 through the merger of the cable network operator UPC and the mobile phone provider Sunrise, is arranging its brands. In the future, Sunrise will appear as the main brand and at the same time receive a new brand design.

As the company announced in a press release a few days ago, all products (mobile, internet, TV) that were previously sold under the two brands UPC and Sunrise will now be brought together under a uniform name and brand design. In the future, Sunrise UPC will operate a portfolio with the brands Sunrise, MySports, yallo, Lebara and swype. The UPC brand will thus disappear from the market in the medium to long term. The company Sunrise UPC, which has been part of the American parent company Liberty Global for more than two years, retains its name.

Sunrise - Statement: Dream big.  Make big.
Sunrise – Statement: Dream big. Make Great., Source: Sunrise

The offers in the mobile, internet and TV areas, which were marketed from then on and under the Sunrise brand, were also restructured at the same time. According to Sunrise UPC, customers would benefit from the fully integrated offering made possible in this way for the first time. For the company, brand bundling is an important milestone in the integration of Sunrise UPC.

Such a move had been expected by market observers since the merger of UPC and Sunrise. While Sunrise, the number two company in Swiss mobile communications, was considered the healthier company, UPC’s image has suffered in recent years under the influence of sometimes serious network errors. With a new logo and a new statement – “Dream big. Make big” – aims to inspire the Sunrise brand with positivity.

Sunrise / UPC logo - before and after
Sunrise / UPC logo – before and after, image source: Sunrise, image montage: German

The UPC logo, which has been in use since 2007, will gradually disappear from the scene, at least in connection with the name UPC. As part of the repositioning of UnityMedia (2012), the flower-like image brand got its colorful look. In a monochrome representation, the American company Liberty Global will keep the flower logo as the sender.

In addition to a word mark, the new Sunrise logo has now also been given a figurative mark. Both elements in red are centered in line with each other. The new logo (“Aurora”) illustrates the endless horizon of new opportunities that each sunrise brings, as the company said during the presentation of the new design. The circular figurative mark, which has a horizontal The relaunch of the mark is accompanied by a mark TV advertisement (see video below).

The new brand design was created in collaboration with thjnk (Zurich) and stories AG. On the Sunrise page, Andreas Caluori, Senior Director Brand Development and Consumer Marketing, Stefan Fuchs, Chief Marketing Officer, and Anna Leutar, Senior Marketing Manager at Sunrise Communications AG, are involved.


Despite the figurative mark’s relatively simple shape, the logo is surprisingly independent: clear, memorable, flexible in use, scalable, visually appealing … what more could you want? In my opinion, the figurative mark is also, contrary to a perception published at 20min, easily and clearly recognizable as a sunrise, especially since the name explains the figurative mark in this case. A successful rebranding.

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