Stranger tries to lure small children into car – this is how parents should react now

Parents in Reute are on alert. A stranger must have tried to lure two boys into his car on the way back from football training. Read here what the police say about this case and what parents can do to protect their offspring.

Florian S. from Reute near Bad Waldsee is concerned. His 8-year-old son was on his way home from football training with a friend (9) on Monday night around noon. The two boys were out on the scooter. At the inn level, a man was talking to her from a car. How far they had it, and whether he could take the two with him. The boys went on to ignore the stranger’s offer. But then he is said to have cut off their way with his car to prevent them from walking or riding a scooter. The boys became frightened and fled home along footpaths. There they told their parents about the eerie encounter.

Immediately inform the police if strangers approach children

The 9-year-old’s mother immediately notified police. Oliver Weißflog, spokesman for the Ravensburg police, said of the case: “We have registered this incident. It is always a good idea to call the police when something like this happens. The best thing would of course be if those affected remembered the number plate.” The police can use the number plate to reach the owner of the vehicle in no time and can follow up on the story. Unfortunately, the guys in Reute did not remember the number plate. But it is also a difficult task in such situations and at this age. Now the police can only keep an eye with the immediate surroundings, drive to the right places at relevant times and see if such a thing happens again.

Many parents find this unsatisfactory. They have to live with fear for their children. It is understandable. A lot of terrible things are happening in the world. You know it. But when the potential danger suddenly pops up in your own sleepy little town, the impulse to protect the kids is strong. And that’s exactly what parents should do – protect their offspring.

Children protect through education and awareness

It works primarily through prevention. DO NOT teach your children to go with strangers. Never and under no circumstances. Explain to them in an age-appropriate way that they must not do this. Tell them what to do in such situations. There are cases where strangers have promised the children cuddly toys, chocolates or cute kittens. It’s good if your offspring have at least heard of these options. Also about what the strangers could offer them at all. The trick, though, is not to scare the kids. Stay sober and matter-of-fact. Do not dress up what can happen to them if they get into the car with strangers, do not get too graphic.

Enlighten children, make them strong and ideally let them roam around in the company of friends. This is important to protect them from attack. (Image: pexels / campus productions)

Most cases turn out to be harmless

In fact, most of these cases resolve quickly. “We have such problems between once and twice a month in the district. The most harmless intentions are often hidden behind this offer, “reports police spokesman Oliver Weißflog. It is actually the father of a football friend that the children do not immediately recognize because, for example, he has shaved his full beard. Sometimes the stranger in the car turns out to be a lie from the kids. However, if several children report the same incident jointly, the likelihood of this decreases rapidly.

Beware of forwarded messages on Facebook and WhatsApp

Forwarded WhatsApp messages should be treated with caution. Because their origin can often no longer be traced. It happens that such messages are deliberately circulated to create panic, reports police spokesman Weissflog. Sometimes we also get news that affects completely different counties and federal states because parents misunderstand them or share them blindly. That did not happen in Reute, but you should also be aware of this possibility.

In this case here in Reute, the sender is known, the boys report unanimously and credibly on the incident. And it is already having sad consequences. One of the boys told his parents that he no longer dared to go to the sports field. He likes to play there regularly. It is now important to strengthen and accompany the children. You will find out here as soon as there is news whether the incident can still be clarified and how it will continue in Reute.

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