From Hesse via Göttingen to Herring: cycling for children with cancer

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Of: Melanie Zimmerman


Ten cyclists cycle from Hesse to Herring for children with cancer. They stop in Göttingen and donate 47,000 euros to UMG.

Göttingen – Ten cyclists from Staufenberg in Hesse cycle to Sylt for children with cancer. A total of 10,000 kilometers. During the stopover in Göttingen, the donation was handed over by the association “People for Children”: EUR 47,000 went to University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) for research into childhood cancer.

In ten days, ten cyclists cycle every 1,000 kilometers from Staufenberg in central Hesse to the North Sea herring. The 10,000 kilometers experienced in this way are used to collect donations to the association “Menschen für Kinder” in support of projects for children with cancer.

Ten cyclists cycle a total of 10,000 kilometers for children with cancer

In front of the main entrance to UMG, the cycling team had a donation check from the association of 47,000 euros during their stopover in Göttingen last Friday (27 May 2022). The money was raised last year and is to support UMG financially in pediatric cancer research.

Handing over of the symbolic donation check in front of the main entrance to UMG: The cyclists from Staufenberg together with Prof. Dr. Christtopf Comb (front, second from left). © UMG / Swen Pförtner

The cyclists handed over the donation to Prof. Dr. Christof Kramm, Head of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine. “We are delivering the donations from last year 2021, which unfortunately could not be handed over in person due to the corona pandemic,” said Erich Peter Höpfner, spokesman for the Hessian Cyclists Group.

With 135 daily kilometers from Korbach to Göttingen and overcoming 1180 meters of altitude, it was the most demanding route on the entire bike ride to Herring. “We took a detour to Göttingen, because that is where the university hospital with its pediatric cancer ward is located,” says Höpfner.

Bicycle ride leads from Staufenberg in Hesse via Göttingen to Herring

On their trip, the cyclists gather as a private group of cyclists for the association “People for children” and thus also for the pediatric cancer department in UMG. The friends train together weekly and have been touring for a good cause once a year for the past 20 years. “In these challenging times, we want to give something back in gratitude for our own lives,” Höpfner says.

As a rule, people in Germany get a life full of health, light and joy. Only when you are suddenly confronted with the dark side of life do you begin to notice it. Cyclists would like to point out that these dark sides exist.

“We would like to thank the cycling team and the club for their great personal commitment and for this generous support,” says Prof. Dr. Christopher Kram. The donation helps directly. “With this large amount of donations, we can continue to develop our research projects.”

University Medicine Göttingen receives 47,000 euros in donations to children with cancer

This year, the association “People for Children” donates to the research project on “Studies in molecular genetic mechanisms of a new epigenetic combination therapy of pontingliomas with CBP and BET inhibitors – the next step towards clinical use”. In this project, new active ingredients are to be investigated for their possible future utility in children with incurable brain tumors.

More people are cycling.
Ten cyclists from Staufenberg in Hesse cycle to Sylt for children with cancer. They drive a total of 10,000 kilometers. © UMG / Swen Pförtner

In Germany, 500 children and adolescents are diagnosed with a brain tumor every year. This makes these diseases one of the second most common cancers in children and adolescents after leukemia. In addition, brain tumors are the most common cause of death in childhood cancer. “There is still a great need for research to change this situation,” says prof.dr. Christopher Kram. (mzi)

The association “People for children” and its campaign

The Central Hessian association “People for Children” based in Solms an der Lahn has supported children in need, especially those suffering from cancer and leukemia, and their families throughout Germany for over 25 years without any bureaucracy. The money raised comes from a variety of activities. The main action is an annual bike ride. The current cycling and fundraising campaign for the year 2022 by the cycling group is also supported by sponsors by making a donation for every kilometer driven. “Mileage sponsors” could donate one cent or 10 euros for the 1000 kilometers each cyclist has traveled. After just the second day of the fundraising trip, the ten cyclists had collected around 64,100 euros in donations. “And we hope that there will be even more donors of Herring,” says Stefan Köhler, formerly on the board of the association “People for children”. After the start and during an island trip at the destination, further donation stops are planned to also draw attention to the concerns of the association “People for children”.

University Medicine Göttingen (UMG) receives 2.1 million euros for cancer research. A project from University Medical Center Göttingen and two biotechnology companies is researching nephritis.

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