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Professor Stefan Seelecke’s research team is working to bring intelligence and sensors together in one work glove.

Today in Apple Creative Studios in seven new cities

Apple to this company's website relations browser
intends to expand its Today at Apple Creative Studios initiative to even more young creatives from under-represented communities around the world. The technology company is therefore launching Creative Studios in seven new cities this year, including Nashville, Miami, Berlin, Milan, Taipei, Tokyo and Sydney. The expanded program is expected to offer career-enhancing mentoring, training and resources across a wide range of artistic fields, which will now include brand new teaching content for app design, podcasting, 3D audio production and film production. Public Today at Apple Creative Studios sessions will also be held at Apple Stores in select cities. These events are free and open to the public. They are led by established artists and Apple Creative Pros, who support young participants in the creative studies. Registration takes place at today to this company's website relations browser

Alibaba Cloud opens third data center in Germany

Alibaba Cloud to this company's website relations browser
the cloud computing business unit of the Alibaba Group to this company's website relations browser
, has announced the opening of its third data center in Germany. With this, the company wants to support the growing demand for digital transformation from customers in Europe. The data center, which opened in Frankfurt, will offer a wide range of cloud computing products, from storage and networking to database solutions. With the additional location in Germany, the data center should comply with the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5) to this company's website relations browser
meets the highest safety standards and strict compliance regulations set in Germany. Together, the three data centers offer European customers high availability, robustness and robust disaster recovery capabilities.

Augmented Reality (AR) glasses for forklifts

With AR glasses, numerous cameras and motion sensors, researchers from Hanover have managed to compensate for limited visibility at the wheel of a forklift. The operator assistance system is the result of the project “ViSIER – virtual vision improvement and intuitive interaction through augmented reality on industrial trucks”. Institute for Integrated Production Hannover (IPH) gGmbH to this company's website relations browser
and the Department of Transport and Automation Technology (ITA) to this company's website relations browser
from Leibniz University in Hanover to this company's website relations browser
worked on the project together and implemented their research results in a demonstrator vehicle. Although the system is not yet ready for the market, it should show AR’s great potential for logistics.

“Shop & Go” in all 54 IKEA department stores

The “Shop & Go” app feature, launched in December 2021, can now be used in all IKEA department stores. This has been gradually implemented throughout IKEA over the last few months to this company's website relations browser
furniture stores and connects analog shopping with the digital world: While shopping in the store, IKEA customers can scan the products they want with their smartphone, put them in the shopping cart as usual and pay at the express checkout in the store.

Smart foils as a human-machine interface

Professor Stefan Seeleke’s research team at Saarland University to this company's website relations browser
shows at the Hannover trade fair to this company's website relations browser
from May 30 to June 2, how smart surfaces become new human-machine interfaces. The research team uses lightweight silicone foils to give surfaces new possibilities. On touch screens, they allow buttons or sliders to be felt out of nowhere, bringing the smooth glass to life: If necessary, the film presses the display against the user’s finger at lightning speed, giving the user the impression of buttons used for input or page navigation assistance and disappearing then again. By tapping or vibrating at their fingertips, they could make it feel: Here you have to press. The experience of a small resistance as with “real” buttons and switches would signal: input successful – not only for blind and partially sighted people this would be much more than a gimmick.

InfoSum and Adform collaborate

Through the collaboration with InfoSum to this company's website relations browser
a data collaboration platform and Adform to this company's website relations browser
, a global advertising management platform, companies should be able to make full use of all data and identifiers in the adtech ecosystem without having to compromise on data security and data protection. Linking Adform Flow to InfoSum’s data collaboration platform will allow advertisers to match their first-party data with publisher audiences and create highly relevant audience segments.

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