Establish a new mobile phone brand? How Radical Unspectacular Fraenk Was Built Establish a New Mobile Phone Brand? It was such a radically unspectacular fraenk was built


  • Since its launch in April 2020, over 100,000 users have opted for a free mobile rate.
  • With the app-only orientation, fraenk caters directly to a digital and price-sensitive target group.
  • Two of the frankmakers Hanna Bohlen and Katrin Thelen explain in the article how they built the frank as a fire.

In April 2020, fraenk was officially introduced as a brand and tariff – shortly after the outbreak of the corona pandemic in Germany. fraenk started from the home office. The team had already started to develop the brand and build the tariffs in all its technical details in the autumn of 2019. After several concepts, tests and optimizations, the frenzy was ready for the market launch in the spring of 2020.

But then: homework, digital appointments and digital coordination loops. Colleagues and agencies from the home office went through the crucial phase. Pragmatic and digital depending on the situation.

Establishment in a highly competitive market environment

Today – more than two years after the market launch – more than 100,000 users have chosen frank as their mobile phone tariff. fraenk has established itself as an innovative tariff and brand on the market – and with 4.7 stars is the best rated mobile phone app in Germany.1 In addition, fraenk received six Red Dot Design Awards, including in the categories “Corporate Design & Identity”, “Apps”, “Interface & User Experience Design” and “Digital Solutions”.

In retrospect, not only is the background for the launch and development exciting, but also the strategic approach with which Fraenk was planned and built – and has been continuously developed ever since.

The German mobile communications market is very competitive – in terms of the number of competitors and the price-performance ratio offered. In addition, many users do not like to change mobile provider, also because it requires a lot of effort. You want it to work without problems – and at the same time be and remain cheap. Complex start conditions for a new mobile phone tariff.

franc reduced to the essential

The challenge for fraenk – estimated to be the 57th mobile phone brand in Germany – was clear: fraenk must be developed as a brand that differs as much as possible from the existing brands on the market, especially in terms of its external appearance. The approach: to stage the brand in a radically unspectacular way – reduced to the essentials. And the goal: to surprise people with how simple good mobile communication can be. Therefore, the team developed fraenk as a simple, digital and functional product – one app, one price, one price, fixed conditions. No fuss.

fraenk reaches a clearly defined audience with its app-only orientation

Users’ expectations for the digital experience of a product are very high and are constantly rising. And that’s good. At fraenk, the target group addresses with affinity for digital directly of the tariff’s app-only character. In this way, fraenk can be booked and managed digitally via the app. User feedback is positive. The analysis shows: French customers appreciate the uncomplicated and clear application as well as the very good price-performance ratio.

Want to know more about fraenk? So find out now!

User feedback is extremely relevant to the fraenk team

A very important element for being able to optimize and further develop the tariff is evaluation of user feedback and an open customer dialogue via app and service chat. An example of this was the introduction of the digital eSIM in May 2021. Since then, fraenk has been the first mobile phone tariff in Germany that was activated anywhere – even when you are on the go – within minutes immediately after booking. The Fraenk team’s specialty: In future, all smartphones will be equipped with an eSIM.

The “fraenk for friends” recommendation program is also in demand by fraenk customers and is not only a unique selling point in the mobile communications market, but also a crucial marketing mechanism to continue to inspire new and existing customers to fraenk. With “fraenk for friends”, both the referrer and the referrer get extra, free monthly data and can thus fill up their mobile phone charge.

Until the end of June: free with 7 GB data volume for 10 euros

For the second birthday, “fraenk for friends” is in focus – and it benefits customers and new customers. If you enter the individual code stored in the app for an existing French customer when ordering, you start with seven gigabytes (instead of five gigabytes) of data per month. Referral fraenk customers also receive two gigabytes in addition to their previous monthly data volume. If you can not find a friend’s code, you can use the code “fraenk2” – fraenk’s friend code. The campaign runs until June 30, 2022.

Outlook: In 2025, mobile communications will only be acquired fully digitally

What does it mean to look into the future? fraenk shows how easy mobile communication can be today. At the same time, this is the biggest challenge for the team: Because with growth, simplicity must continue to be implemented consistently. fraenk therefore places great emphasis on further developing itself as a tariff and brand – and gaining insight into the mobile communications market of the future.

The Fraenk team is convinced: By 2025, mobile communications will only be acquired fully digitally. The simpler the offer, the better for the customer. Remaining pragmatic and digital is therefore a top priority.

This is Frank: fraenk offers a tariff that is functional, consistent and reduced to the essentials. fraenk can only be booked via the fraenk app on the smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free from Play or the App Store. The Fraenk service chat is available Monday to Saturday from 8.00 to 22.00 and Sunday from 9.00 to 18.00 on or in the fraenk app. fraenk is a trademark of Telekom Deutschland GmbH. fraenk is implemented by congstar GmbH.

Guest contribution by Hanna Bohlen and Katrin Thelen

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