Budget by Minister Paus: What is planned for children and families

Status: 31/05/2022 11:20

Today in the Bundestag, it is also about Family Minister Paus’ budget. Your biggest project is not in it yet – but the question of whether it is affordable should soon arise.

By Eva Ellermann, ARD Capital Studio

Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus has only been in office since mid-April. As the successor to the unhappy Anne Spiegel, the fiscal politician was just entering the critical phase of budget decisions. The green politician has not yet been able to make her own mark on the house purely fiscally, but Paus has made it clear what she stands for.

Long-term project for basic child safety

The Traffic Light Coalition’s family policy lighthouse project has not yet been included in the new budget for the federal Ministry of Family Affairs, the Elderly, Women and Young People. This is not so strange, because this basic child restraint system does not yet exist. The federal government wants to use it to fight child poverty in Germany. In her first speech as federal family minister in the Bundestag, Paus made it clear that she wanted to give families better support.

For example, with early childhood education, with better all-day care for primary school children, with more specialists – also for this, basic child safety should become “a very central building block”. And Paus stressed that the entire federal government is behind it. By the end of next year, a working group from six ministries will develop a concept that brings together all offers for children. Parents only have to deal with one authority.

It is still unclear in which ministry this basic child protection will ultimately be placed. The Federal Ministry of Family Affairs states: “During the implementation of the basic child protection, it will have to be clarified what effects the basic child safety has on the various budgets.”

“First Aid”: Children’s immediate supplement

As a kind of first aid to build a bridge on the way there, the Bundestag and the Federal Council have decided on the immediate child supplement. It will be paid from 1 July, and according to the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, 2.9 million children affected by poverty in Germany will receive an additional 20 euros a month.

This supplement will be paid unbureaucratically without further application. Pause promised in the Bundestag: “He will be there permanently and without gaps until the introduction of basic child safety.” This year, the Ministry of Family Affairs will receive an additional 31 million euros for the immediate child supplement. For the new grant, the ministry alone in the fiscal year 2022 must plan around 90.5 million euros.

Parental allowances, child allowances and allowances remain the main expenses

Overall, the budget of the Ministry of Family Affairs rises slightly to almost 12.6 billion euros. By far the largest amounts are still spent on parental benefits, child allowances and child allowances. The Green-led Federal Ministry of Family Affairs sets new priorities in projects for more diversity, tolerance and democracy. Independent Youth Welfare can look forward to more than 26 million euros in grants. Among other things, it will support so-called respect coaches who work with young migrants.

Paus also wants to expand the fight against racism. Your ministry continues to fund the work of the National Racism Monitor, which presented its first study in early May.

When Paus took office a few weeks ago, she said she would also like to focus more on senior citizens. This can not be seen in the budget for 2022. After all, there are an additional five million euros for multi-generational houses.

This year, several extra millions will go to crisis management in the Ministry of Family Affairs’ budget: 272 million euros in the Corona catch-up program for children and young people and 31 million euros in support for refugees from Ukraine.

Do billions in debt put the project in jeopardy?

Corona debt, Ukraine war, 100 million euros in special funds for the Bundeswehr, rising inflation – is the prestige project for basic child safety still affordable in the end?

The Minister insists on the coalition agreement. Clearly, it will be more of a marathon for Pope. The budget master, Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), does not question the coalition agreement, but talks more and more often about prioritizing the projects. It can only be useful for the child protection project that the Federal Minister for Family Affairs is also a financial expert.

Budget Week – Budget for Family Minister Lisa Paus (The Greens)

Eva Ellermann, ARD Berlin, 31 May 2022 at 11.30

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