5 designer bomber jackets for summer 2022: what’s trending?

The unreliability of the spring weather in Berlin always presents us with the challenge of spontaneous outfit changes. To be flexible and above all not to waste time in the morning, we recommend a ready-to-hand basic combination that lets us look stylish even when the temperature drops. A look that is always fun on cloudy days: boots or sneakers, jeans, a shirt or sweater and as a highlight a trendy jacket that can withstand a few showers.

And because the functional jacket trend is already on the way, and the bomber jacket has proven to be a stable fashion favorite, it should complete the rainwear. Don’t have one yet? Then here are the season’s 5 most beautiful bomber jacket models. A little tip: Do not stack the price too low when you buy, fast fashion is not fun in the long run and is unprofitable. There is nothing wrong with good and cheap, so there is also something on sale!

1. Bomber jacket from Andotherstories

other stories

You have to be quick with this bomber jacket from Andotherstories, because the purple one shown is almost sold out. However, it is worth checking the online store regularly, because the stock in the store is constantly being replenished by incoming returned goods. If you can not find your size in purple, you may also like the pigeon version, here the selection is even larger. The material of the jacket is relatively stiff, which promises a certain quality. The model is oversize.

The bomber jacket from Andotherstories is mainly made from recycled polyamide. Price: 125 euros, via andotherstories.com

2. Lutz Huelle bomber jacket

Lutz Huelle

Lutz Huelle, one of the few German designers who has had success in Paris, has a feminine kimono wrap version of the bomber jacket. The special appeal of this jacket is the contrast between the soft shape of the cut and the orange lining. The latter is an original element of the reversible MR-1, which could be worn by pilots as a safety vest in an emergency.

The kimono bomber jacket from Lutz Huelle is only available in two sizes, because the width can be varied by wrapping it. Price: 336 euros in the sale, via lutzhuelle.com

3. Bomber jacket from 032c


Streetwear with sophisticated cuts and logo prints: the ready-to-wear line from the Berlin brand 032c is celebrated by the fashion community for this. In addition to the famous magazine, of course. The white bomber jacket from the “Maria” collection is named after the creative leader of the model line: Maria Koch. In addition to the light material, silver-colored prints on the front and back are special.

The 032c unisex bomber jacket is made of a cotton-polyester blend. Price: 585 euros in the sale, via zalando.de

4. Bomber jacket from Acne Studios

Acne Studios

The Swedish fashion brand Acne Studios is a specialist in bomber jackets. Hardly a season goes by without a new version of MA-1. Because the original design from the 1950s is always only slightly modified, the reference to the original model is never lost. So you can sometimes pay a little more for the acne bomber because it remains part of the wardrobe as a long-lasting classic. This particularly beautiful example in burgundy is decorated with patches by the artist Angelo Plessas.

Acne Studios lined bomber jacket is a unisex model. Price: 750 euros, via acnestudios.com

5. Prada bomber jacket


Prada certainly plays in the leading class of bomber jackets. On the one hand, it’s because Miuccias Prada’s co-designer Raf Simons recognized the fashion qualities of MR-1 more than twenty years ago, and terrible sums are being paid today for Raf Simons’ vintage bombers. On the other hand, the combination of the jacket classic with the Prada elements jacquard knit and logo pocket on the sleeve is very successful. The picture shows a model for men, the jacket is also available in different versions for women.

Prada’s bomber jacket is primarily made of Re-Nylon, a material from the Italian luxury brand’s plastic recycling program. Price: 3250 euros, via prada.com

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