GNTM 2022: Designer Reveals Heidi Klum’s Bizarre Nickname

Updated on 08/04/2022 07:46

For the fan favorite Viola, the trip to “Germany’s Next Top Model” ends on Thursday. Senior model Lieselotte flirts again with her farewell and quarrels with Lou-Anne. Above all, Heidi Klum, whose extravagant rabbit dress is the secret highlight of the casting show, provides entertainment. Additionally, a rather bizarre nickname is revealed on the host.

The 17th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” has been running on ProSieben for ten weeks now. Anyone who has watched every episode on TV will have 1850 GNTM minutes including commercial breaks. It’s about 31 hours. For example, you could have binge-watched the first three seasons of “Game of Thrones” at the same time and still have more than two hours of free time left over.

You would have seen the beheading of Ned Stark, the Battle of Blackwater and the legendary Red Wedding. “Germany’s next top model” has so far not had similar memorable moments. No bitter hostilities have developed, there is no intrigue, not even a real villain has been found so far. The battle for the model throne is only slowly gaining momentum.

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GNTM: Lou-Anne criticizes Lieselotte – the senior model strikes back

A quarrel between Lieselotte and Lou-Anne, which was teased in advance in numerous trailers, turns out on Thursday night to be more of a mild breeze. The senior model had repeatedly flirted with her farewell over the past few weeks, emphasizing that she was primarily preoccupied with having fun and that she was not dependent on becoming a model. Nevertheless, she reaches the next round week after week.

After the 66-year-old said again on Thursday that she did not feel any pressure, Lou-Anne added. “If you keep saying, ‘I should not be here’ … we do not force anyone to be here,” teases the 18-year-old.

“Not so soon,” complains Lieselotte, criticizing the tone of the head teacher of the Austrian, who is almost 50 years younger than her. “Then dear Lieselotte gets angry too,” the best-ager model says a little later with a wink in an interview in front of the camera. And the anger is gone again.

The candidates are fighting for jobs in the second week of the casting

The motto for the tenth GNTM episode on Thursday night is not particularly exciting either, after all, the fifth episode was a casting show almost a month ago. “Why only one casting boy when you can have two?” asks Heidi Klum. And yes, we know what’s coming. “A model without a job is not a model,” the host repeats his mantra.

The modeling jobs are then awarded in several castings, especially Anita and Sophie delivering a tough duel. Anita is particularly annoyed that the two over-ambitious candidates are alike and that it is repeatedly taken up. “She’s had my hair color since the makeover,” the 20-year-old says, slapping her palm with her fist.

Anita switches to competition mode – Viola has to leave

“I would definitely appreciate you getting the job,” Juliana tells Anita to encourage her. “I’m not telling you that,” Anita replies, laughing. But she is completely serious. The villager is without a doubt in competitive mode.

When she finally gets the job and Sophie again gets nothing despite several casting invitations, Anita can not resist another sharp remark. “Quality is better than quantity,” she says. Maybe Anita will end up being “Germany’s next top model”. But she certainly does not win the sympathy award anymore.

This was actually reserved for the fan favorite Viola anyway. But on Thursday, the model dream of the Bremen woman with the pink cloud breaks. The 21-year-old looks quite planned at the casting, in one scene one can see her dancing through the background of the picture, lost in thought while the others discuss. The shooting is not going well either, which is why she’s fine. “I thought it was really cool. That’s a good last word,” Viola says briefly and painlessly to say goodbye.

Heidi Klum wears a rabbit dress on the housewife recording

This time, the decision is made in a mix of walk and shoot, where the candidates have to pose in a 1950s kitchen with a rolling pin, coffee pot or saucepan. The housewife environment is not necessarily contemporary. “Anita is doing well in the kitchen,” says Heidi Klum, as if she wanted to emphasize the slightly outdated image of women.

After all, the models are wearing colorful Moschino dresses as a contrast. Designer Jeremy Scott also brought a rather extravagant role to Heidi Klum, who became the secret highlight of the GNTM episode. A colorful rabbit head covers Klum’s belly, the long ears sticking up to his shoulders.

The Incas will be there too – the nude recording will come next week

What to keep in mind: The show was filmed months before Easter. But it gets even better. First of all, designer Scott reveals that his nickname for Klum is “Superswirl.” And then Klum sends a message directly to her husband Tom Kaulitz. “Honey, this is for you. Your little rabbit in a rabbit outfit today,” she says. “Cringe”, the youth word of the year 2021, was introduced into the German language for such moments.

For the sake of completeness, it should be mentioned that the Incas must also be included. And that dreaded nude footage is coming next week. The protesting Lieselotte can be seen in the preview clip for the next episode, which is why she once again announces her goodbye. Is she really going with this time? It’s possible. But no one really believes in it.

In the tenth GNTM episode, the top model candidates go out on a real casting marathon. There is also a quarrel between Lieselotte and one of her comrades-in-arms. Drastic words are used in the conversation with Lou-Anne, as can be seen in the trailer. Photo: ProSieben / Richard Huebner © ProSiebenSat.1

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