35 children can not find a daycare place in Murnau

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Of: Peter Reinbold


Day care places are particularly few in Murnau this year (symbolic image). © sleep

Day care places are a particularly rare commodity in Murnau this year. A short-term solution to the problem is hardly possible, even if the market does a lot. The municipality suffers from a lack of space and staff. Green Party councilor Veronika Jones accuses politics of having lain dormant for years.

Murnau – This year in March, everything looked like peace, joy and pancakes. The Murnau Market’s main board committee had paved the way for new nursery places to remedy the obvious shortage that prevails. The assumption that the cow was off the ice – a mistaken one. According to City Hall spokesperson Annika Röttinger, 35 children under the age of three are currently on the waiting list because in the period from September 2022 they were not given a place in a childcare center. “More than half of the parents who registered their children got nothing,” says Veronika Jones.

Lack of childcare places: concerns of parents, limitations of providers and politicians

The municipal council in Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen, which also handles the office as Murnau’s childcare officer, knows what she’s talking about. She knows her parents’ concerns and needs, but also the limitations of the institution and politics – all on her own. She calls the creation of crèches, kindergartens and after-school centers “a real mammoth task” for the municipalities. It was due “of course also to the fact that nothing was done for years”.

CSU grandees focus on childcare – Jones criticizes “we slept” for years

In the district committee, of which Jones is also a member, the CSU magnates are Dr. Michael Rapp (Murnau) and Oberau Mayor Peter Imminger focus on child care and the education of educational staff. Jones supports the plans of the Christian Socialists because they are largely in line with their views. However, she also sees failure in the party that has the floor in the Free State, and which has set the political direction in the district for many years. “However, I’m not quite sure if I should shake my head or rejoice that the CSU, which could have done something in all the years, is now suddenly demanding exactly that.” It had slept for years. “It takes more than warm words.”

By investing in stones, building new groups and legs, educators will not achieve the desired effect from one day to the next. “This will take time. It sounds easy, but it’s hard to implement,” says Jones. According to her, the training of an educator takes four years, that of a nanny two. The market is currently empty. To move to Murnau, a high-price region in terms of rents and property, tasty for the few men and women willing to change places, she picks up the so-called Munich bonus.The state capital pays a supplement on top of the salary so kindergartens and after-schools can find a reasonably decent life in the big city. “We should be able to do something like that,” Jones says.

It is not taboo to lend to the green politician

Everything costs money, and in addition to the turnaround in energy and transport, the municipality has to finance it in financially difficult times. The solution? “Maybe we should talk about borrowing again,” Jones says. Society sees them as responsible. High court rulings have, after all, confirmed parents’ right to care for children. “It’s just as much a municipal task as the fire department.”

Parents also need to dig deep into their pockets. Childcare costs quickly run into the hundreds of euros. A number of municipalities and cities, including Munich, do not charge a fee for going to kindergarten. The same goes for nurseries and after-school centers for parents who earn up to 50,000 euros a year. Jones believes that free tariffs are a mistake – “everything does not have to be free” – but that incremental contributions based on earnings make sense. She rejects the watering can principle.

Great day care in Murnauer IQ creates partial relief

Murnau is likely to be able to knock new buildings and groups off the ground faster than eliminating staff shortages. The establishment of another large day care institution in Innovationsquartier (IQ) under the sponsorship of Frau undberuf plus should provide some relief for children under three years of age. “Ten children can be cared for in this group,” Röttinger says. There is also an increase in the number of children in the day care institution Bienenhaus. There must be room for twelve girls and boys. “It’s just a drop in the ocean,” Jones says.

Construction work is necessary – and a time frame is not to be overlooked

Structural measures are to be carried out on the premises of both facilities, which are estimated to amount to around 70,000 euros in IQ. Röttinger: “At the moment it is not possible to predict when the extra childcare places will be available.” The market has informed the affected families about the current status. Despite all the efforts of the market, there will be no room for more than ten children. “It does not even include families with children under the age of three who move in during the year,” Jones says.

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